Life is Fabric

We are one and the same. We all have loved ones and goals in life. We came into this incarnation to achieve and assemble what we need and desire.

It is difficult to think of our lives as a singular being. We are not. We have ties that closely align us with others. We have made relationships in this and past lives and these loved ones remain with us for eternity.

We love and have been loved. We have experienced a varied lot of existences. In some we were poor or injured. In others we were leaders and business owners.

The life we have now was never the life that we just experienced. There would be no point to that.

What are we here to learn this time? Have we evolved from being emotionally weak and squeamish? Do we still bow down to addictions? Are we an abuser or being abused?

Accepting that our life is just one section of an entire process would leave you open to a profound amount of change and maturity. Our fears would be allayed. We would know and accept ourselves as incomplete yet divinely complete.

We are ourselves a measure of fabric. Then our loved ones, spirit & human guides and fellow travelers make up another measure of fabric. We are connected. We came here to be connected. We function as an individual and as a whole. This is a beautiful process. We learn, share and teach to all others in our life.

Seek not to exist alone and unimpacted by our society. Seek instead to learn and absorb experiences into the eternal life that we have not yet finished.

Find the balance between being doomed by fate and being unaffected by life. It matters. It all matters but we must still rise above the tentacles of the human existence. You must feel and yet you must survive. Adding life’s lessons to your fabric is easier than traveling to the end of every road.

Take each emotional message that the day brings and weave some knowledge into your fabric. Do not travel that wounded and persecuted road, merely take the lessons from it. This is how the wise survive life. Take the lesson but don’t take on the damage.

It is a gentle balance. Please don’t allow others to view you as noncommittal or uncaring. Of course you care and of course you commit. You will not take on the damage of caring and committing. There is a huge difference. Finding that balance will create the optimum functioning for this life and contribute the most knowledge and experience to your eternal life.

You are so much greater than who you are right now. You are One with God and a particle of the Universe. Yet, you are someone’s child or someone’s parent. You work. You play. You buy things and create things. You are a student and yet you teach. There are so many facets to who you are that it may be difficult to imagine.

You truly are “larger than life.” You need no one yet you do need others. This is part of the journey. Be a success at blending this life into the fabric of all of your lives. Accept the truth of your omnipotence. Gather the lessons as you go yet remain above the devastation.

We hope to give you an understanding of your vast, eternal life. We also hope to provide guidance on how to survive this one life. Your existence is truly a combination of both.

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