Get Things Done

We have survived a period of heightened energy around us. Hopefully not too many things have been affected in a negative way.

Now we have to pick up the pieces and get things done!

There are some decisions that you have been putting off. You have left it far too long and choices need to be made. It is almost like you want things to work out on their own but this method will not resolve matters in the most favorable outcomes for you. Why are you so reluctant to get things settled?

Are you uncertain that you will make the best decisions? Do you feel these decisions are emotionally charged and you don’t want to be held accountable? Do you tend to procrastinate?

Nothing will be served by not making the most positive, proactive choices available to you. Then… let it go. You have unknowingly created an emotional block to all energy available to you. Your list of things to do has damned all of your energy. Get things done and move on to more pleasant and enjoyable things.

There are some tensions building between you and some others in your inner circle. Don’t overreact. Handle issues and make any relationship repairs needed.

Make some plans for rest and enjoyment this weekend and allow the beautiful flow of Universal energy to bathe you again. We’re ok and you’re ok. Relax.

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