Help With the Craddle

Some people are having some difficulty with the inner child exercise we discussed. It is a simple solution.

Embrace the child and do your best to engage in a meditative state. Breathe together. Say loving and reassuring things to the child. Rock the child gently. When they are calm, spirit will tell you the thoughts, fears and feelings of the child.

If you maintain this meditative state through the exploration of the trauma, circumstances or event, you will be able to understand AND accept the emotional crisis of the child at that time in their life.

If you are only able to maintain a meditative state for part of the explanation be sure to place the child back in your God Center until you are able to try again. It will mean the world to the child that not only are you doing your best to understand them but also that you want to protect them, keep them safe AND allow them to heal. Your efforts will be understood by your inner child.

Depending upon their age, they may require more assistance from spirit to explain their troubled times. Trust that if you engage the child and calm them with kind words and a protective embrace, spirit will make sure you know what is upsetting them. Your guides have agreed upon this process in order to help you resolve any emotional upset that no longer serves any purpose.

As with any child, your inner child will respond and appreciate your attentiveness. After the emotions, thoughts and feelings are revealed to you provide unconditional love and understanding. Use your loving words and reassure this inner child that you have heard and understood what you needed to know.

Allow some time to pass and again seek out your inner child. They may be still trapped by the same event or they may be ready to share something more. You have the ability to love and accept everything that has occurred in your life. Who better to resolve these issues?

Your connection to who you are will be stronger and more successful after you have resolved some of the painful circumstances of your life. Spiritual growth will follow. You will experience a reawakening as you heal and your confidence and emotional stability will improve greatly.

Self care is God’s Will. With an absence of troubling emotional issues your expansion will bloom unencumbered. Congratulations!

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