Relief and Release

Today is the day we allow our emotional turmoil to fade and dissipate. This is the date of the full moon and we will experience an obvious shift to strength and stability.

Full moon energy is behind many advances in your learning, experience and maturity. It is a good time to acknowledge how much you accomplished in the past week! An abundance of universal energy may be used for many purposes. Just be careful not to feed any negative or destructive actions either purposely or by accident.

We spend much time discussing healing ourselves. It may seem like we want you to be isolative. What we truly want if for you to heal and be strong and stable on your own. Then other relationships or activities in your life will prosper. If you spend your life depending upon others for all of your emotional needs then you are not capable of standing alone and being self-protective. Independence is the basis for all other emotional growth needed.

In order for you to have healthy, well-adjusted relationships you must be stable by yourself. Many people have said that for a successful romantic relationship you must be whole and then look for another person who is whole. The same is true for any healthy, positive and fulfilling relationship.

You are not going to push everyone out of your life, work on your sense of self then reestablish relationships again. This makes no sense. We are encouraging you to keep healthy relationships and work on your sense of self as well. When you experience soul growth you will naturally seek other complete and spiritual people.

It is a process called ascension. You will leave any anger, selfish, manipulative and destructive behavior behind. You will naturally seek people of like-mind and you will recognize their soul growth as well. You will never be alone and sharing thoughts and ideas with other enlightened people will boost your personal energy and quest for knowledge.

With our help we want you to be strong, stable and emotionally healthy. We would like you to rely less upon needy and negative people. Once you have established your personal strength, we will assist you to move forward. By no means do we intend to isolate you. We will fill your life with positive, proactive and spiritually evolved people.

You don’t need to get rid of your loved ones. We will add layers of emotional evolution to the life you already have. Soul growth is a goal of your life. We are here to support and assist you. This is the promise that we made to you prior to this incarnation. We are here as requested.

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