From The Craddle

We have done some inner child work in the past. Let us revisit this topic and find greater influence in our lives of unresolved childhood issues.

We may look for our inner child by standing still. Take a few steps forward and turn around. What do you see? If you are standing there then take a closer look at your God Center located in your solar plexus. Your inner child is there in their age and form at the time of childhood trauma or when some emotional issues began. You may also turn around and see your inner child standing before you. Either way will be your starting point.

Approach and embrace your inner child. Offer love and acceptance. Do not judge. It may be possible that you had already been judged at that point in your life so adding any more judgment would add to the trauma.

Offer yourself at this age unconditional love. No matter what had been said or done you do not need to rehash anything and add to the injury that you had already suffered. Embrace yourself. Note the sights and sounds. Anything familiar? Do you smell PB & J sandwiches or hear your mother’s voice? Perhaps the smell of alcohol and arguing? Maybe an abusive older brother’s voice or a dog barking? Spirit will bring you back. Stay focused and ALLOW the experience.

If you shut everything out then your goal of healing this child may fall short. Hang in there and be “available” to him or her. Some of the people in your childhood were not emotionally available to you so let us try to be available, aware and accepting. We are grown and now able to heal that fractured young soul. Let us give that gift to ourselves.

Live that one moment with them. Understand what they felt, believed and perhaps mistakenly understood. Cherish and protect him or her. Say all of the right things and provide unparalleled amounts of safety and security. Be in that exact moment and still show them love and understanding.

How would it have been if you had been shown such love and support? Without your stack of emotional injuries, life would’ve been so different. Love would have felt normal. Sharing joy and fear with others wouldn’t have made you feel so insecure. You longed for a “normal” life and now we may travel back and provide that to ourselves.

You will “know” when you have healed that startled and confused child. Stay with him or her until they feel strength again. They may now feel understood and able to heal. When you feel like that one event has been addressed then place your inner child back into your God Center, safe, secure and loved.

Approach one event at a time. Healing takes patience. Remember to immerse yourself into what that child is feeling and make good, positive and proactive parenting decisions in order to protect and heal them.

Your love for your inner child will flow freely. You’ll feel the release of long gone emotions that no longer serve a purpose. You will heal yourself from the inside out. Nothing needs to be said to any other person. This is something to do for yourself and by yourself. Share with others if seeking greater faith and understanding but not if you are confronting someone and dealing out pain and accusations. You are OK. You are strong enough to carry on with your new found wisdom and introspection.

Conflict only leads to healing only when others say what you want and need to hear. That does not happen very often. Most people will meet confrontation with denials and anger. But most importantly, you do not “need” anyone else in order for you to heal. This is a truth which may take time to accept. When you do accept it, you will know great freedom and unparalled joy.

God is in the center of your being. What better place to heal your inner child?

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