Darkness Likes Energy As Well

The energy barrage is starting to settle. It is a good thing since we have been uncertain that we could avoid saying or doing anything problematic. Our responses to overwhelming cosmic energy may not always be positive. It is likely we came out of it mostly intact.

It is still advised that you open to God and spirit but remain protected from low energy beings or earthbound spirits.

In this time of heightened energy we always need to be cautious of psychic attachments. Not only the good and positive life forms may use this energy to manifest but also lower level, dark or muddy life forms may use it as well.

There is a lot of information on the web about psychic attacks and attachments. Find a site that resonates with you and accept information that feels useful.

A psychic attachment is a lower level being or earthbound spirit who attaches to your energy field and sucks away your spiritual and physical energy.

It may be difficult to decide if you have one or not. If you do you may feel unusually tired, paranoid, restless, argumentative, and prone to activities that are destructive. You may say and do things that are out of character.

Ghosts love drama and attention. They may lead you to alcohol, drugs, violence, crime, promiscuity, self-destructive behavior, making statements or actions that strain normal, healthy relationships, or any other behavior that gives them a rush.

You don’t feel like yourself. Others may notice uncharacteristic behavior and your closer loved ones may actually mention the changes in your behavior.

To find out you may seek a psychic medium and ask them to scan your being. Describe the changes in your normal behavior and see if they may give you some clues into what has happened. There may be other spiritual practitioners that may give you this information as well.

To find out yourself you may look into a mirror and see if someone is standing behind or beside you. Ask for Divine protection and see if your spirit guide or other trusted companion will provide you with an answer. You may also envision yourself standing. Take a step or two forward, leaving your physical self behind. Turn around and see your body. Review everything and everywhere. Most psychic attachments are behind you because it is easier to hide and stay out of sight.

Ask for Divine eyesight and allow yourself to see the truth. If you have an unwanted attachment you need to go through a process of detaching them. They may often appear as someone or something good. They may show you the likeness of Jesus, Angels, or even loved ones. That is why you need the truth, so you can see past their disguise.

To release them you need to remove the cord of attachment and push them out of your energy field. Use any manner of visualizations to distance and eventually remove them from you. It is difficult to ask someone for help since many spiritual practitioners will not risk the attachment releasing you and attaching to them.

To remove the connection takes diligence. Even though they are unwanted you have become accustomed to having them along. It becomes a habit of sorts and thus difficult to break. Some people are more prone to attachments. They may have emotional issues, addictions, have been ghost hunting without proper training, or they leave themselves too open to energy without any Divine protection.

Please do not become unnecessarily afraid. This is not a life sentence. Remember that God intends for you to learn and grow, not become undone. Rule out any psychic attachment if you have noticed any of the above symptoms. You may be tired from not enough rest, the sweltering heat or ongoing concerns in your life. Do not overreact.

Do some research and take steps to get help. This is fairly uncommon. Very few of us will actually have a psychic attachment.

Fear is not the way to live your life. Be grounded and centered and take care of business. Pray for help and protect yourself from any unwanted psychic attention. Good self-care IS your life purpose.

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