There are some new guests to this blog. I truly appreciate your confidence in the content I provide. Thank you.

My content is channelled. I have a few different guides who provide the information for this blog. Each of them presents very differently and their direction may also sound different to the readers.

Everything is positive. We don’t pound on tables or rally against social causes. Everything is about learning and gentle introspection. If they address current social events it is to give direction on how to learn from it and make positive, proactive choices in the future.

I have received a massive boost to my skills. I have moments when I feel the presence of God and I become tearful. I am learning just as everyone else and I am so blessed that you have chosen to listen to these Divine Guides.

It is all about Love. Love yourself, love others and love even what makes you frustrated. We are eternal beings and knowledge is expansion.

I do not profess to be a genius. I am a conduit for the Voice of God, nothing more. My heart welcomes you.

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