The Joy of Good Fortune

As we come closer to our Creator we will feel more powerful and at peace. Keeping that connection takes some diligence. We have some suggestions for nurturing your own Godliness thereby making each day a spiritual awakening.

1. Start with daily prayer. Speak to God, Jesus, Archangels, Saints, Earth-religion beings… Wherever your comfort lies. No judgements will be made. Nurturing your Godliness is not something we will critique at length.

2. Acknowledge your gratitude and trust.

3. Ask for assistance to find your path and remain upon it.

4. Release your need to control all matters of your life. God is the center of our universe and your attempts at control may limit your ability to come close and remain close.

5. Be grounded and centered.

6. Meditate daily. Be focused upon raising your vibration. When you release the darkness and negativity of the Earth plane and rise above it, you are intimately closer to spirit, God and your true existence.

7. Cut all etheric cords, especially those attached to emotionally unhealthy people, drugs, alcohol, and negative objects and behavior. Etheric cords are connections of energy from you to any number of things. They are entwined in your energy field and body. Researching these cords will be helpful and knowing that Archangel Michael is available to cut them at any time with his Divine Golden Sword.

8. Use the energy-protective ideas of the white net or bubble, designated guards surrounding you and facing outward, outward facing mirrors, standing within a vortex of white light… whatever manner resonates with you.

9. Refrain from judgement, retribution, gossip, anger, negative thoughts or statements about yourself, greed, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, destructive thoughts and behavior, crime, emotional/physical/sexual abuse of others, manipulative behavior… Avoid any thoughts or behavior that is not positive and full of Light.

10. Nurture and heal your inner child.

Once you have practiced and maintained some good habits to remain postive, loving, hopeful and in the Light, all good blessings will flow to you rapidly. If you wander further away from your center you will notice life getting darker and more difficult. Recognizing times when you slip will help you get back on the right path again.

Life is intended to be joyful, loving and full of promise. Even the troubled times are intended to teach you the many necessary lessons that you came into this life to learn. No action or event was intended to destroy you. It is all meant to add strength and experience to your eternal existence.

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