Bottleneck 7/17

We’re in a bottleneck. There is a massive amount of cosmic energy pounding down on us and we are hunkering down instead of opening up. We would have a better chance of using this energy for positive, uplifting things if we were open to receiving it and sending it back out as love. We would also have a more fluid and quick response to our attempts to manifest good and positive things in our life as well as the lives of our loved ones.

If you are resisting opening up because you are worried about protecting yourself from unseen ghosts or negative energy, we have some ideas for you.

1. Surround yourself in a net if shimmering white light. Envision it over your head and flowing down to cover your entire being. Make sure that you are standing upon it as well. This will be a barrier against any unwanted energy. You may also choose a bubble instead. Either way it will assist you.
2. Pray and give your spirit guides and angels permission to act on your behalf to block any unwanted energy as you open up to the swirl of energy around us. You have to give them permission or else they will be unable to intervene.
3. Use guards. Envision a guard of your choosing and station them around you facing outward. You may use angels, archangels, saints, animal guides… Make certain that you fill each of them with white light and ask them to act in accordance with God. Imagine them shining with light and guarding your being diligently.
4. Use your meditation skills and prayer to perform an “opening.” Make certain that the Universe knows you will be absorbing positive energy and using it for good. Send out all of your prayers and wishes in accordance with God. Then perform a “closing.”
This will allow you to use cosmic energy for a specified amount of time but not remain “open” indefinitely. This could be very tiring or cause you to feel floaty and disconnected. It could also leave you vulnerable if you forget to keep up your divine defenses of the net, bubble, or stationary guards.

These are suggestions to give you an idea or a place to start. Use your imagination and develop your own way to open to the Divine Light.

Many things may be accomplished at this time of heightened energy. You and your loved ones could experience many blessings. Using the energy of God and the Universe is a skill which will help on many occasions. Use the Light for healing a loved one, bringing about positive changes, making life more pleasant and emotionally healthy, blessing a new baby, for safety while out-of-town, to relax for the big test…

We know you are anxious to give it a try. It may take some practice but be sure to stay with it. The benefits are amazing. With these skills we may do God’s work. Truly. This is one purpose of your life.

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