Hold On!

Have you made some big decisions lately? There seems to be some increased energy forming in your life. It is a driving force behind what you have decided to do in your life but there is one problem. It is pushing through any decision, good or bad.

The Universe is focusing the tumultuous energy to make it useful to us for manifestation. It is time to be very cautious about what we are wishing for. Keep thoughts positive and hopeful. Give others well wishes and support. Do your best NOT to be hurtful or negative because these emotions will be amplified.

This is the best time to put into practice everything we have discussed regarding positive thinking and remaining in the Light. Thoughts become real and identifiable. The Law of Attraction is very hard at work. Remind yourself continuously about the energy that you not only put out but also receive.

Your karmic response will be swift and undeniable.

The good news is that this is a wonderful time for manifesting! Make a list of things that you will manifest so that you may check on your progress. Then ask for each item. Always remember to “live” the desire. Get fully immersed in the having of what you want. Imagine sitting with it, holding it, experiencing it… Make it as real as possible. Include what it is and what it is like to have it. Repeat to yourself how wonderful it is to have your desire. Give thanks for it. Appreciate it. Acknowledge this gift that God has given you.

Be honest and genuine. Use Light to manifest only. Keep everything positive and upbeat. It is ok to ask for items or circumstances for others as well. Be sure to make your requests come about without any harm to anyone or at the expense of someone else. Include a statement about wanting something for your best and highest good and in a positive manner.

Keep a record of dreams come true and how long it took to receive it.

Manifesting is a very real and helpful way of life. We may be able to manifest for a short amount of time then it may slow or stop. This is usually because we have reverted back to our negative and ego filled ways. If you notice a decrease in the feeling of being “blessed” then it is time to review your thoughts and energy and get back into alignment with God.

Your path is full of Light and love. When you approach life with “needs” and “lack” you lose your connection to the Divine. Censor your thoughts and get back to experiencing and expressing joy!

Many of our dark times may be totally unnecessary, we might have just lost our way. Learn from this time of negativity and do your best to recognize your need for thought/energy correction sooner the next time.

To know God is to realize the wondrous energy of feeling BLESSED. There is no other joy that feels better than this!

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