Laying Low

Have you been staying out of the excitement lately? There seems to be some cosmic confusion and extra bustling of energy. You may not have put your finger on it but you have definitely stayed out of the mix.

After the full moon, things will quiet back down. Have you discovered some new things lately about a change in your tastes? Your usual leisure activities have changed a bit and this is probably a good thing.

It seems we may be getting older and enjoy some quieter times more often. You have also been thinking a lot to yourself. It is a way of organizing your thoughts and feeling more grounded. This is also good.

Perhaps all the spiritual work we have done recently has added to your sense of maturity. We have given you a lot to think about and some thoughtful times are in order.

finances will be on the upswing later this month. Unexpected income is on the way. This is a time when many of us have charted a boost in our living situation. We will definitely be in better spirits when August arrives.

Have you been conflicted lately? Maybe some more frequent disagreements with loved ones? This will settle down after the full moon as well.

Children seem to be restless. Even if you are not a parent you will still notice some extra activity with kids. This is when we all have to be patient and make sure to put things in perspective. This too shall pass and we will feel in control again fairly soon. Maybe a little free-spiritedness would do us all some good?

Pets are also restless. They also are responding to the cosmic energy that is swirling around us.

This also seems to be a time when spirit is closer and more involved in our lives. Have you noticed an increase in spirit activity? Many loved ones are here for holidays or to see what is going on. The veil seems to be thin right now and it will thicken again after the full moon.

Do your best to figure out who is visiting. Maybe it will be a scent or a familiar song. Spirit will give you some hint as to who your unseen house guests are. It is important to remember that it all about LOVE. If you notice some spirit activity, please don’t assume it is a haunt. At this time of year it is someone very near and dear and they want you to know that they still care.

Hang in there until after next Monday’s full moon. Everything will settle back down very soon after. Although right now it may seem like an eternity. This may a perfect time to practice meditating?!

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