The Rearview Mirror

Any cautious driver will check the rearview mirror to ensure against any problems approaching them from behind. How do we do this in life? By being careful and proactive.

If we always are honest and courteous we may head off any complaint or distraction from our life in our recent and remote past. Living honestly is the best decision. Then you don’t have to remember differing versions of events or decisions and possibly become entangled in a partial truth or lie.

Easier said than done right? Definitely!

Being honest is more difficult when interacting with those who are close to you emotionally. It is far easier to tell a “little white lie” to an acquaintance then to your family or close friends.

What are you being honest about? Obviously it is complicated when your loved ones want your opinion about their love life, friends, choices with money, health concerns, legal issues, destructive habits, crime and violence, drugs and alcohol, and their own choices about honesty. Handling these cases is purely up to your discretion.

Avoid being intentionally harmful or harsh. Sometimes we have our own levels of sadness, irritability, jealousy or anger. Please do not allow your own discomfort to cause you to be hurtful to someone else. Always send Light. Find that love in your heart that you have for them and proceed from there.

We are encouraging you to live honestly in your own life. Discretion is great. Everyone doesn’t need to know your opinion. If one asks then it is ok to share. But be honest with yourself.

Live each day by giving others your positive, constructive self. Keep an open mind and give good advice. You don’t need to get overly involved in anyone’s drama. Keep a practical distance and avoid getting yourself into any collateral damage.

Gossip is discouraged. You may learn from other’s mistakes but do not dwell upon them or promote any disparaging conversations.

Keep your thoughts positive. Allow no darkness to dwell in your being. Honesty definitley affects your personal power and energy. Darkness brings about situations of darkness. Remember the Law of Attraction. Being direct and proactive will keep your soul in the Light. Expansion and balance will grow from that Light and your road to ascension will become more defined.

It is good to check the rearview mirror in life. Honesty keeps you from bringing confusion or distarction into any situation. Be that person that you want to be. It is good to have personal strength and positive energy. Godliness will attract God!

Karma is it’s own reward.

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