The List of 5 to 10

How have you been doing with your list of people whose opinions matter most? Do you have 5 to 10 names? Have some of these names surprised you? Are they the people who you expected? Are you having trouble leaving out some of your closest family and friends?

We are sensing a conflict with leaving some names off of your list. You are responding more to who “should” be on your list instead of who are the most understanding, supportive and objective ones.

Do you feel like you may be offending them? They aren’t involved in this process. It is between you and God. The should-people may not be the most caring and open, that has to be ok with you. Some changes need to be made to the way you relate to the “shoulds.” Your feelings may have been hurt a few too many times by them and your skills of self-protection need to be stronger in some cases.

This is about being honest with yourself. The most supportive and understanding person may be some obscure relative that you barely talk to or a co-worker in a different department. What matters is how they make you feel heard and understood.

Keeping loved ones in your loop may feel “necessary.” It truly isn’t. Or, keep them informed of the events in your life but place their judgement and opinions in perspective.

In order to be more enlightened and spiritual we must all surround ourselves with loving, nurturing, supportive souls. Dad may be very harsh in his opinions about your life. Aunt Linda may be a terrible gossip and your news is broadcast all over town. Be self-protective. You are your #1 on this list. You know what you need and what you certainly don’t need.

Older people may be rigid in their opinions and expectations. You may have chosen a different road to religion, sexuality, having children, saving or spending, non-traditional employment, where you vacation or what you choose to study. This is an encouragement to find people of like-mind. There are so many beautiful souls in the world and making your current loved ones “fit” into your priorities may not be working for you. This is ok.

We want for you to find people of similar faiths and interests. There truly are some people intended to be earth-guides for you. They may be here for a defined period of time or for the rest of your life. This was planned and by closing off your possibilities you may be missing some wonderous, exciting experiences.

This is a journey of knowledge and learning. You are both a teacher and a student. Don’t miss out on the magic of finding those who have the same thoughts and questions as you. The energy you feel with this connection is profound. You will recognize your thirst for more answers and even more questions. Your soul will bloom!

You may find these people in a variety of places. A book club, sewing circle, on a cruise, through a blog site… Reach for the last special piece of your spiritual advancement puzzle. Fill your time with people who resonate with who you are AND who you want to be. Your loved ones will always be there for you. This is how family and close friendships work. Reach for that missing piece and feel the surge of soul-growth.

More doors and windows will open and God will have extra opportunites to fill your life with love, Light and the Divine.

We are your guides on this journey. We want only what is best for you and we will answer many questions along the way. No one will look at your list. This is a keepsake for your eyes only. God only wishes that you consider this lesson now or in the near future.

There are many ways for you to learn and we will discover them as we go. Our gift to you is a precious space before the Throne of God. This is where you belong and we will celebrate your arrival.

With Love and Honor.

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