Answers From Above

There are obvious lessons in life. Then, there are the more subtle and indirect lessons. Both are important and both are necessary.

Objectivity is one of the greatest tools for learning from your current experiences. Often we are so involved in our own day-to-day life that we miss the lessons that are being presented to us. The problem with this is that these lessons will continue to play over and over until we do get it.

If you seek enlightenment and a higher level of existence then missing these lessons will definitely hold you back. How do you learn them now? Many ways but more specifically from introspection, journaling and prayer.

Practice meditating. Initiate a meditative state and ask for guidance and direction. Do your best to be open to input and rely upon objectivity to present you with some answers.

People in your life may offer their opinions. Journaling will uncover some clues. Spirit may give you some signal which alerts you to pay special attention to what has happened. You may find an article about a certain attitude or behaviors. Possibly a song which seems befitting. A telling blog or a seemingly humorous post.

Spirit is always willing to help and they have an endless amount of creativity. Be open. Ask and receive. Often spirit will come to you during sleep because your defenses are down and they are able to speak to you subconsciously. Ask for direction during sleep and give them permission to speak to you.

You may be surprised by a quick response. There are many beings of Light that are waiting patiently to help you in many ways. You have assigned guides and angels. You also have departed loved ones who want you to be successful and prosperous. You may also ask for God, Jesus, Mary and Saints to come to your aid. Your pets even have guides who would love to help!

Ask and be open. When you wake, write down any pressing information that you may have received. Journal and seek answers to some very specific answers as you write. Write a letter to a loved one and ask for more guidance.

Most important is to believe. Do not waste any time second-guessing what you have been given. Rely upon the genuine feeling that you had when you first received your guidance. So much of God’s love is questioned and manipulated. Having faith is optimal when seeking divine guidance. There is that special place inside of “knowing.” Trust that feeling and accept God’s gift of the insight that you asked for.

If you are very lucky, you may have a trusted friend or confidante who will assist you by offering some of their insights into who you are. Be open and receive. Do not become defensive because someone else’s viewpoint may be just the direction that you need. You may realize that this person is not the one you seek or you may be surprised by the acute and accurate insight that they have! This may be an earth guide sent to you for the purpose of learning and introspection.

Whether your efforts are self-directed or with the help of another, the goal is to learn and make corrections to your current path. Always seek love and Light. Fill your being with God’s love and ask to be infused with important knowledge about raising your vibration and living a positive, non-prejudiced life. Go with God and be healed.

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