Freedom Comes to Mind

This past week we have celebrated our independence many, many times. We all have an idea about what freedom means and what we consider to be free. Have we thought about our freedom granted by God?

We have so many cobwebs of negativity and darkness that we harbor in our minds. We are given freedom for personal rights but we don’t accept freedom of spirit, body and mind.

We are able to release our need to win, judge, ridicule, gossip, and cast others down. We have that ability. We may ask for a complete healing of our affected minds and only allow love & Light to enter and inhabit our beings.

Is there any reason why we don’t? Why do we insist upon responding to others with negativity? Why don’t we accept our spiritual freedom and only allow ourselves to cherish and uphold others?

There really is no good reason not to. If we hold tight to our negative thinking we are choosing this over our own divinity. Does this make any sense? No!

God granted us our freedom when Christ absolved all of our sins. We are choosing that darkened path despite this altruistic and holy gift. You are, in fact, overriding God’s will for you to be humble and gracious because you want to judge and condemn.

Release any and all negativity. View the world and all others as children of our God. We are brothers and we were once at the same point as those you wish to mock and ridicule. In order for us to be at this level in our creation we were once dealing with sin and dark behavior. We lived it and overcame it and that is why we are at a higher level of existence at this time.

This higher level does not grant us the ability to judge, ridicule and cast down our neighbors. Instead we would make more Light in the world by understanding their plight and acknowledging that we have overcome some of the same plagues inherent to human life.

Pray for freedom from dark and negative thinking. Do your own cleansing and clearing of your mind and other energy centers in your body. Be vigilant in keeping any darkness from seeping back into your being. Fill yourself with love & Light and shower your neighbors with hope, incentive, forgiveness and grace.

Be as loving and kind as our brother Jesus. All the wonders that He brought into this earth-plane, we may also bring here. Freedom is so much more than personal rights. We also have the right to be healed, loved, honored and allowed into Heaven. To be worthy of these rights we must resist the habit of hate, judgment and other forms of negativity.

This is our spiritual response to God’s gift of Eternal Freedom.

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