A Tisket, A Tasket…

We are all a part of the same collective. We are One and we all share in this Universal experience. What are we doing now? We are gathering useful information and making astute conclusions about the world around us.

You may not realize that is what we are doing but it is! We are being flooded by secrets and secrets within secrets. Some of it very shocking. We only need a snippet. Try not to overindulge in negative media. We have a spiritual path and we don’t need too much negativity but we do need to be aware.

Think of all of the media events from recently. The NSA exposure, the Zimmerman trial, the Aaron Hernandez arrest, Paula Deen’s apparent downfall… We only need to know and accept the basics. The broader picture is that government captures a lot of information about each of us and they have no intention of being honest about it, ever. That “Stand Your Ground” is not a catch-all like many people believe. That some celebrities and star athletes begin to believe their own hype and behave in outrageous ways and expect no one to hold them accountable. And…that fame is quick to turn on someone when they have made obvious slights against minorities and a past archaic way of life.

We only need a snippet. What matters most is the broad topics and the way we shape our interaction with the Universe because of them. This isn’t about who George Zimmerman, Paula Deen or Aaron Hernandez is specifically. This is about how you view interracial violence, vigilantism, racial profiling, “untouchable” stars, racism, slavery, ignorance, people being accountable for their actions, personal privacy, government espionage…

What you believe now may have changed from what you thought years ago. Maybe you have become more flexible or more rigid. You may defend your right to personal privacy with great insistence where in the past you could balance your thoughts on the subject. Perhaps we are more forgiving of racism and people nostalgic about the days of slavery or we insist that one will be chastised for their racial ignorance. These events are intended for you to solidify who you are and what truths you will adhere to.

You are in the process of BECOMING. Don’t immerse yourself in the individual events but rather allow the Universe to nudge you into who you are meant to be. It is a beautiful process. We evolve and manifest ourselves daily. Who you were last week is not who you are today. Our only concern is that you are well-informed, loving, honest, open-minded and objective. We wish for you to include God in all of your stances and opinions. Simple.

So much of life is not mind-blowing calamity. It is rather a gentle sway of what you believe and why. There is intense beauty in your evolution. We marvel at your intellect and responsiveness. We hold you in a place of great honor and never judge you, for you are fluid and expansive. You absorb some information and resist others.

The faces will change and so will the names. Your goal is to allow God to teach you through these changing events.

Form your opinions and be proud of who you have become. Love is a good guide and so is humanity. Our goal is to help you with the small stuff. We ensure your awareness of life in your home, community, country, planet, and Universe. Then you decide how this information fits with who you are. You are encouraged to test each theory and consider your options. This is good. It is ok even if you are wrong! Life teaches you from success and failures. That is the beauty of the process.

We marvel at your capacity for great wisdom. We have respect for you and all of your many facets. We are an extension of God and you are making progress along your path. We want nothing more.

We have an endless amount of love for you and we exist to serve you. Any amount of knowledge and learning makes us smile. This process is perfection and so are you!

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