What is the Cost of Admission?

You may be at a loss about just how good and positive you may have to be in order to enter Heaven at the closing of this earth-life. You may be questioning how some of your negative thinking has influenced your karmic debt. You may be worried that you are being unfairly and quickly judged regarding your thoughts.

Relax. No one is expected to be perfect. We only wish for you to improve and make positive changes. If you have negative thoughts and intent, it is perfectly fine to make changes now. God will always accept any improvements that you make.

Many of us have several years left in this earth-life and therefore several years to be good and do good. The purpose of increasing your knowledge about your negative thinking is to increase your self-awareness.

Our goal is not to admonish you but to guide you to a higher vibration. Start to make changes in any way you wish. Many habits in thinking will take some time to change. Being negative, judgmental, sarcastic and punitive are habits and occur many times without a conscious intent. We also have negative thoughts about ourselves as well. All of this will take some self-awareness and introspection in order to identify changes that need to be made.

Please don’t feel discouraged about volunteering time for charity, donating money for a worthy cause or being a mentor for underprivileged youths. These actions do add to your bank of positive energy. We just caution you that your underlying attitude affects your well-being and may influence events in your life.

By releasing your need to complain and judge you bring more positive events into your own life. Remember that thoughts are real and they may impact how the Universe responds to you. We are at the beginning stages of exploring this topic. It is good to increase your self-awareness and to develop objectivity regarding your usual habits of thinking. The more you know about your responses to others the more readily you will know what changes to make.

Keep track of how you feel throughout your day. How do you react to traffic, bad weather, other people causing you delays, damages to your clothing/vehicle/office space, gossip, someone’s illness, a promotion or demotion, a poorly run meeting, waiting at the Dr.’s office, misspelling in an emial… Every day things and your usual responses. How negative are you? Do you accept someone responses or do you judge them? Are you frustrated by common occurences? Do you feel unfairly treated? Do you believe that others receive preferential treatment?

If you were to accept all of the good AND bad throughout your day would you feel ineffective, misuderstood or weak? Do you feel that much of your time is spent defending yourself or making sure you get what everyone else gets? Do you compare yourself to others? Are you competing to the point of aggressiveness?

Be objective and honest with yourself. How much of your day do you express a negative reaction to what is happening? When you become upset, are you able to recover and have a better attitude? Or, does one bad thing lead to another?

The first step to adjusting your negativity and possible karmic response is to be honest about your thoughts and actions. You are not helping yourself if you are trying to cloak your negative thinking. The only outcome will be that you have unfairly limited your ability to make accurate and positive changes.

Our objective is to gently and steadily guide you to better ways of thinking. You are the best focus of our time. We wish to answer your need for enlightenment and will give you encouragement all along the way. You are here for us to give you guidance and offer many opportunities to advance your soul. We never tire of helping you and we celebrate all of your successes as well.

Nothing that we share with you is a new subject. You have known all of this before and you will know it all again. We bring this information to you just as a reminder and to bring you back to your center. You know your true being and all of the wonders that you are capable of. We exist to serve you during this journey. You are a perfect child of God and we are all a part of the same collective. We are ONE.

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