Follow the Law!

We have mentioned the Law of Attraction many times. It is helpful to take a close look at this premise often when seeking a higher level of enlightenment. There is much to be learned and new or improved lessons may be available each time you revisit the concept.

Remember that all thoughts, opinions and attitudes become real at inception. Even if you visit a dark attitude only briefly it still may have an influence upon your personal energy. Many of you have negative thinking as an underlying monologue throughout your day. It is not something that you speak to others but it is still present and damaging your Light. Or, the monologue is there and you do say these things to others and perpetuate negativity and gossip. It is also possible for you to be negative for some time then gradually establish a more positive and tolerant attitude.

All forms of negative thinking pulls thoughts and actions of similar negativity to you. It’s the Law! You may be very courteous and sweet outwardly to others but the Universe will see only the sarcasm and judgment that you hold on the inside. God, spirit and other Heavenly Hosts are not fooled by your attempts to misrepresent who you really are.

Karma can be very quick. You may experience a negative response to your negative attitude almost immediately! Or, it may take a day or week. There isn’t much delay at all! Often someone may remark about a karmic response situation. You may punk a friend and then suffer a fall, spill or injury immediately.

Negative thoughts are the basis. Then if you speak this negativity to someone or many others that is the next step. Then if you constantly berate the same person over the same situation, this is another level. Then you may have constant negative thoughts about someone AND constantly berate them to others. This is very serious and must be undone. The worst scenario is when you take that final step and actually cause and create painful situations for that person.

This behavior creates a karmic debt situation. You must repay the Universe for what you have caused until you have suffered as much as the commotion that you created. Karmic debt can go on for a lifetime or more. In order to advance spiritually you must atone for your negative behavior.

There is no place to hide. God and spirit are able to view your thoughts and motives. You may volunteer at a homeless shelter or donate money to charity but if your thoughts are still negative, those charitable acts will not suffice.

Some people are very negative and judgmental. They spend the week being rude, demanding and vengeful. Then at church on Sunday they behave as though they are above all wrongdoing. This also does not work.

God has given us the ability to absolve all of our sins. But we must also change the way we think and behave in order for this gift to materialize.

Be honest with yourself and do your best to hold true to the vow that you made to God and treat others as you would want to be treated. Love, kindness, joy and a positive attitude are their own rewards. Karma brings this Light right back to you and your life may feel blissful and content. This is as it should be.

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