When is Love Enough?

Sometimes people don’t say what we need to hear. Often we are left feeling unappreciated. We have emotional needs that we have not met for ourselves and in some way expect someone else to meet them. This is when we make a wrong turn.

We must realize that our loved ones do not know our thoughts and feelings. They are not able to read our minds. We are expecting to be fulfilled emotionally by them and this may make for tumultuous relationships.

Some people are close enough that you may let them know what your emotional needs are. You may have the opportunity to share with this special person some of your deepest desires. Most often we do not have the luxury to be that open with our loved ones.

What do we do when our need for love, respect, appreciation and honor are not met? We must learn to fill ourselves up with our own Light. Many of us have an empty feeling from grief, loss, depression, past abuse/neglect, lack of self-esteem, unfulfilled dreams, and worthlessness. When we build up our own sense of self we are less dependent upon others to meet our needs. We must be whole and then look to others for added comfort, love and security. It sounds impossible or very lonely but it doesn’t have to be. If we set short-term and long-term goals for our self-awareness, we may make purposeful steps to healing.

Honestly, even when we are very clear and specific about what we need from others in our lives people will naturally fall short. Why? Because we are empty and someone else cannot fill the void that has nothing to do with them. Our feelings of being incomplete are not resolved from the outside of our being.

We must know and honor ourselves. We need to build upon our strengths and successes and allow for our limitations and perceived failures. Begin by giving yourself complete forgiveness. You are a perfect soul in an imperfect situation. Even your limitations provide a purpose.

It may be helpful to build your confidence by trying these various steps:

Pray- Ask your guides and a higher power to help give you strength and confidence. Allow them to help and provide you with actions and situations that will reaffirm your value. Guidance is always available, just ask.

Meditate- Find that inner peace and seek your personal power that always exists at your core. It is the layers of untruths that cause us to feel invaluable. Once you have disposed of your layers you may reconnect with your true self. Relax. Breathe deeply and embrace your essence that is ONE with God. There isn’t any fear, worry or feelings of lack in your soul. There is only purpose, value and eagerness to learn.

Be grounded- This simple act may increase your feelings of stability. We are not constructive or purposeful when we are free-floating and lack direction.Being connected to Mother Earth and God gives new energy to our tasks of learning, experiencing and expansion.
When you successfully make this connection the surge of personal power is unmistakable. All matters in your life fall into a cohesive, understandable life chart.

Become centered- This is important along with being grounded. Cleanse and clear all of your chakras and bring them into alignment. When they are muddy and unhealthy they shift to one side. This does not allow your life force to flow. In order to experience the power of your Godliness your chakras will need to be centered, clear, full of radiant light and spinning blissfully.
When you are grounded and centered your personal strength is unmistakable.

Make a priority of being whole and strong. Fill the voids of loss and disappointment with love and understanding. Remember that when you seek fulfillment from others you will be left incomplete. It is not anyone’s role to build your self-esteem, it is yours alone. Seeking affirmations from loved ones, friends or peers will not resolve your insecurities. It may feel like bailing water out of a sinking vessel. You will not complete this task and your anxiety and neediness will overwhelm you. Feelings may arise of lacking trust, disappointment and feeling abandoned by your loved ones. This is because you may not find the comfort and security you are looking for outside of your being.

You are fully capable of being whole and purposeful by reconnecting with your soul. Mistakes and complications will resolve without undue emotion and your rising faith will qwell your fears and feelings of lack. Lessons will be readily learned and you will glow with confidence and self-esteem. Each step you take has you recognizing the purpose and you will take additional steps to build upon your self-actualization.

God will provide you with the security and purpose that you seek. Looking to other people will leave you feeling unfulfilled. When is love enough? When you step into the vortex of God and the Universe and completely understand your purpose. All fear and worry melt away!

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