Many Things Are Well Deserved

God and the Universe are waiting patiently for you to turn toward faith and oneness. It is likened to an ever supporting parent or guide who is standing by just in case you need them. As soon as you look, God responds.

We spend so much time behaving as if we are solitary beings and left on our own. We feel “responsible” for all that occurs in our lives and perhaps in the lives of our loved ones as well. We carry many burdens upon our shoulders and often forget that we are part of the collective Universe.

There is no need for us to behave so burdened by life. We are always cared for and supported by the mechanism of human life. We are eternal beings who have chosen to come into this earth life and experience for our own soul growth and for the collective experience. Your belief of power and control is an illusion. Please release your ties of burden, responsiblity and fate.

Respond to life as a liquid reality in which we learn, grow, love and prosper. The good times are meant for us. The down times are also meant for us but we are to learn from it and still find support, faith and Godliness.

There is guidance always. Once we shake loose our illusion that we are in control, God responds with love and knowledge. Nothing is any different during times of hardship except that we may forget to look for God. The burden of feeling responsible turns our eyes downward and away from the Divine.

Theses are fast-moving and emotional times in our creation. Feeling so alone will never bring you the expansion and wisdom that you came here to gain. Nothing is beyond the scope of God. Wild fires, school shooters, NSA conspiracies, the morning after pill… are all a part of what we signed on for. The more turmoil the higher the chance of learning.

Drop the “baggage.” Release the need to feel responsible and in control. Feel instead the flow and embrace of life under the watchful eye of God and all other heavenly beings.

In times of bounty and wealth remark about the grace of God and how joyous faith is. Then in times of hardship, loss and conflict remark about how you must have decided to learn a great deal at this time! Just imagine how much we believed in our own ability to cope and find strength.

Faith, love, family, and knowledge are well deserved. Feeling burdened, responsible and in control are not. We are not asking you to throw all caution to the wind. That wouldn’t be prudent. We are asking you to choose objectivity and knowledge over single-minded decisions.

Take reasonable efforts to take care of you and yours then allow the Universe to bring you the contrast and experience that we all wanted. Let go of the baggage and flow with the Universal energy. Every step is a journey. Releasing anger, frustration and ego is the same as behaving as God. This is your purpose in life.

To make each turn with our eyes cast down is a disservice to our eager soul. Recognize the burden of lost faith and turn toward God again. The Light shines so brightly for you. You have found God and you believe in your eternal life. To have wandered off of your path is acceptable and understood. God and spirit look forward to you embracing them again! It is good to come home.

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