Objectivity is Magic

Release the emotion tied to any event and circumstance and improve your ability to understand and cope. Our emotions may make things so much more serious than it may actually be.

There are many instances in current life where people allow their emotions to rule their responses. Politics is a major realm of emotions. Illnesses and injuries cause increased emotions and so does perceived injustices.

We are also very protective of our loved ones and are quick to defend them during their own difficult times. We also are emotional about things that have cost us a lot of money, an extensive amount of time or things that are close to our heart.

We may even go as far to suspect some type of conspiracy when we feel wronged or slighted. Somehow others are either pleased or responsible for our mistakes or unfortunate luck. Somewhere and somehow someone is gloating at our misfortune. There must be more at work here than simply the natural flow of our life chart.

Paranoia happens when we are unable to see the Universe at work. We start keeping score and feel defensive when we do not come out on top. The more frequent we feel slighted the more paranoid we feel.

Step back and review your circumstances. Be objective and remove the emotion that surrounds what is happening. How would you perceive this same event if it happened to someone else? Would there be more room for objectivity if you didn’t take it so personally? Where have your positive and effective coping skills gone?

Life is full of lessons and opportunities for experience. Having faith in the Divine allows you to see the gentle pulse behind all of your down turns. The Universe allows you to be positive and proactive at every opportunity. The process is not intended to turn you toward anger and paranoia. It is intended to teach you and relieve you from unnecessary emotional turmoil.

The responses of God are “All is well, I am caring for you and all of your life circumstances.” “We have nothing to gain from negative emotions or responses. Life is meant to be lived and placed into proper perspective. There are multiple lessons to be learned from any given situation in your life. No one finds faith in anger or paranoia.”

It is true that some bad things may seem like they happen all at once. This again refers to the Law of Attraction. If we release our need to be justified in our anger or depression we would see each event as it truly is. One event. Feeling ganged up on or the victim of happenstance may not actually be what is occurring.

What is the lesson to be learned? How will this event change the way I react to similar circumstances in the future? How may I gain some positive perspective about this? What is the Universe trying to tell me?

Faith is always at the core of any good luck or bad luck. It is how you look at things and releasing the need to manage or control. Remove the emotion and gain true perspective. There are many negative and destructive occurances that just would not happen if we resist the urge to react emotionally. Life would be more predictable and we would savor our wisdom and maturity.

Being emotionally stable will increase your satisfaction with life. There will be more joy and less focus upon retribution and anger. God would have more space to occupy in your being and you will no longer feel like a victim.

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