Place the Blessed Child in Bed

Remember our journey inward to honor and heal the blessed child that had been lost, lonely or misunderstood? Many have done much great work in this area and you are now able to nurture that child and tuck them into bed.

You have held them and listened to their stories of unrest. You have honored them as unable to protect and guide themselves. You have taken a stark look at the adults in their young lives and have either found forgiveness or at least some tolerance.

We, even now, are not perfect. We do not always say and do the right things. We may miss some clues to how someone else feels or what they need to feel valuable. We also may have not been the perfect parent/guardian to ourselves while growing up. At least now we know so much more about what we have lived as a child and how we hold onto so much pain and injury, even now.

It is ok to move forward again. Place that blessed child in a bed of silken linens and plush pillows. Speak to them about the times that you have shared and the courage that they had shown during some darker times. Allow them to be young and carefree, as any child ought to be. Relieve them of the burdens that they have because someone didn’t notice or wasn’t careful. Set these experiences aside and allow this blessed child to slumber deeply and safely.

You are now the guardian of that blessed child. You know all of their history. You know just what to say. Promise to take care of them and always consider how they feel and what they need. We must nurture our younger selves and honor who we are and more importantly who we have been.

You are the keeper. You know how to make all things better. You know the words to say and the fears to allay. Give your inner child all of the care and attention that this blessed child has always deserved.

You will benefit now from all of this work you have done. By laying some childhood emotional issues to rest you will improve your confidence and ability to be happy now. Feeling safe and secure ia a gift that you give to yourself. Having faith will strengthen your freedom to explore and experience. You may give yourself that “good upbringing” and “happy childhood” that we all want.

Nurture, honor and value yourself at any age. It is good to embrace yourself as a child and make those much needed changes to how you feel about your experiences growing up. Make time each month to revisit this safe, secure and protected child and be certain that you are providing all that they need. Healing may begin inside and radiate improving health and wellbeing outward!

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