Get In the Zone

We have made many amazing steps together. We always want to acknowledge all of your hard work. We appreciate so much how well you adapt and utilize our suggestions for your improved wellbeing. We never want to take your attention for granted and we enjoy being able to communicate with you through this medium. As always, send an email if you would like to follow certain topics or you have any questions. We are open to all of your needs!

We have done a lot of energy work together. Today we would like to focus upon getting into the flow of spiritual energy and utilize it for your higher needs.

Visualize a grand waterfall. Imagine it to be a hundred feet tall. Immerse yourself in the realty of this waterfall. It is mildly thundering. It originates in Heaven and impacts directly before you. It is stunning with White Light. The water is crystal clear and intensely bright. The beauty of this waterfall causes you to catch your breath!

As you take in this momentous sight you understand that all of your guides and helpers have been infused into the water. When you listen closely, you hear your departed loved ones wishing you well and giving you respect and appreciation. Your guides are speaking of where you have both been and where you will both be. God smiles and laughs. You are a perfect soul and He enjoys your pure heart and eager soul.

All of your supporters speak and give you affirmations about your progress and your path. Even the souls of your current loved ones speak to you. They are still in this earth-life and their souls are entwined with yours. There are many more travels for you both to share.

Listen closely. There are no put-downs or accusations. None of these beings are negative or disparaging. Please don’t insert your own self-deprecating thoughts or feelings. Allow this to be a waterfall of higher energy and Light alone.

Be grounded and center your chakras. Open your crown chakra and be available for an infusion of healing, blissful and energetic light. Now step into the flow of water. Open your entire being to this wave of God’s consciousness. Release any blocks or barriers. Make certain to clear all of the areas of your being from top to bottom, inside & out, and front & back.

The flow is invigorating and comforting. You have no trouble breathing even though the flow of water is profound. You feel more alive than you have in a long while. All of your questions are answered and your concerns are reassured. In this moment you are whole and perfect. All of your life goals are laid out before you. Your next few steps are obvious and well-defined. You notice that you are far from alone. You feel reassuring comments and someone’s embrace.

Your guides stand with you and your connection to them is indescribable. You are One and the thoughts and actions you share are in perfect synchrony. You realize that you are One with the Universe and everything you say and do adds to the energy of the collective. It is a perfect dance and you are a treasured participant.

There are no right ways or wrong ways. All goals may still be met. There are always chances for better choices and an increased focus. You are perfect in your role and there is no criticism or blame. Each thought and action is effortless and beautiful.

Now you realize that this is your genuine life. All of the same rules apply. You are perfect and fluid. No one judges you and all paths lead to the same goals and outcomes that you require. Answers flow. Direction is immediate. Affirmations are limitless. Standing in the waterfall is actually no different from every day life!

Yes, it is true. You have positive energy and influences and God is One with you…always.

Step into the waterfall as often as you wish. Absorb all of the positive and healing energy that is always available to you. Resist the urge to infuse any limitations or negativity into this flow. God does not judge.

Bring the waterfall into everyday life. Be grounded and centered. Open your crown chakra and allow the energy of God to guide you always. Allow the muddy and negative energy to be flushed away and be replaced by the loving, powerful grace of God.

This IS the zone of divine bliss. Enjoy!

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