Game Pieces & Tokens

We have so many wonderful and new experiences available to us on this earth-plane. How will we ever decide where our time is best spent? Make a list and practice your manifesting skills!

Imagine all of the wonders that the world has to offer. Do your homework and gather pictures and items that represent your first desire. Place all things together. If there are items you may want to use a small table. If your images are pictures you may use a poster board or bulletin board.

Add as many items and keepsakes to your vision as you want. If you want a trip to Hawaii get scented candles, a lei, a toy surfboard… pictures of Hawaiian destinations. Spend time visualizing your trip and immersing yourself in the sights, sounds and tactile experiences of Hawaii. Imagine your hotel room or cottage. Walk on the beach and “feel” the sand. Cut and paste pictures of yourself into the images of paradise. Say statements to yourself about being there. “I’m in Hawaii and it is as beautiful as I imagined.” “I love this hotel and the beach is stunning.” “The waves lull me to sleep every night.”

Manifesting is your use of the Law of Attraction. The more you believe and immerse yourself in the experience, the Universe will bring it to you.

You must buy into it. If you have reservations or any amount of insecurity, the outcome may be delayed.

You may do this for a new home, new car, new job… Manifesting is available for any and all of your needs and desires. You may even bring about healing, positive relationships, success, financial improvement…You may bring about a pregnancy or an adoption.

Bring your dreams to life and believe in your ability to manifest anything. The more success you have the greater your confidence. If you bring about some smaller events then your courage to try larger outcomes will increase.

You may want to keep track of all that you have been able to manifest. This record will help you believe in the process.

Always remember to give thanks and remain humble. The Universe knows when you have acknowledged your blessings and will be ready to bring you even more. Also remember to keep it positive. Resist any urge to bring about negative events. It is important to ask for actions for your best and higher good and to allow spirit and other positive beings to work on your behalf.

You may find more information by searching for the Law of Attraction and manifesting. You are a light-filled being and these wonders are within your grasp. Give it a try. The more success you have the more positive and light-filled moments will be available to you and those you love. Manifesting joy, love and healing for your closest loved ones is the best gift.

You are a Light Worker and bringing about God-filled moments is your purpose in life.

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