A Coat of a Different Color

It may be that you want to pursue other paths because you find them interesting and magnetic. Perhaps you don’t want spirit to guide you to your true path just yet. You may be enjoying some clothes of a different color for now.

We would like to acknowledge this sense of adventure in you. We do not wish to oppress your creative nature, we only wish to remind you that you came into this life with a set path and you have a list of goals that you wanted to meet.

You may feel like you are young enough to indulge in adventure now and work hard later. You have a need to experience many things and following one set of rules sounds too restrictive. Or, you are afraid of aligning with your chart because you feel you will be penniless and forced to minister to others while neglecting your own needs.

You are not Mother Teresa. You do not have to give up all worldly treasures in order to advance spiritually. Your view of a spiritual life is far too restrictive. Being an extension of God does not require that you have to give away all of your comforts and live off of the land!

You may be very close to living your true existence. There may be only a few gentle tweaks to be made. Or, you may be fairly far off target but an indigent life is not required.

Please try not to overreact. Do the work of becoming closer to center. Be grounded and release your control over the direction of your life. All of your needs will be met and your personal satisfaction will improve exponentially. God did not bring you here to starve and be homeless. Some people have chosen that path. Most people in those situations are mired in darkness and have not yet reached for the Light. They have stopped their enlightenment out of fear, anger, mental illness or substance abuse.

Try on those clothes of differing colors. Enjoy life. Fulfill your passion. Do all of this AND align with the desires of God. There is a very good chance that if you are drawn to certain events or hobbies that they are included in your path anyway.

Relax. Resist the fear that you have of change. God will bring you what you ask for as long as it is not in conflict with your chart. Broaden your concept of what increasing your spirituality really means. Keep your job, take those classes, make the changes that you wish. You will be gently guided to a higher existence. A massive makeover is not effective and spirit will not force you through one.

Your focus and direction will change subtly and for the better. It is a joint effort of sorts. Your guides, angels, God, Jesus…will walk beside you and cheer for every step you make into alignment with your goals in life. This is a celebration not a flogging. Resist the fear of loss and instead be excited for growth and maturity. You are a precious child of God and you will NOT be left destitute as you pursue your divine path. Trust and have faith.

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