The Blank Slate

How closely have you been following your chart? Are you making the best steps or are you guessing at what your purpose truly is. Most of us are guessing. If we are positive, loving and hopeful then that is a good direction for our lives to take. BUT, what if we are not on our path or even headed in the right direction?

This is when it becomes important to align with your chart and follow the path that you had set into action prior to coming into this earth-life. How do we do this? By regularly communing with our guides, angels and other Heavenly Hosts.

When did you last meditate? Are you currently grounded and centered? Have you cleansed all of the muddy and negative debris from your physical body? Have you prayed lately?

These are the most important steps to realigning with your destiny. Without spiritual direction and assistance, we are just guessing.

Start by reaffirming your love and commitment to God. Pray daily. Look for grace in every action and event in your daily life and allow God to guide you. Communicate with your spirit guides, angels and other higher beings.

When you flow with the Universe all things fall into place as if by magic. You hit all the green lights and luck seems to be on your side. Evaluate where you are. Have you lost your intense love and appreciation for this life? Do you feel frustrated? Seek love and divine guidance. Pray, meditate, ground yourself, center your chakras and cleanse all of the dark and muddy colors from your being.

You were not meant to be completely independent. You came here as an eternal being in order to mature, expand and ascend to a higher vibration. If life is ugly and dismal than your vibration is clearly way too low.

Ascension requires intent and practise. By going through each day out of habit you are not investing in your true purpose. You get caught up in turmoil, meaningless tasks and negativity. These are not the traits of a higher being!

Discover who your higher guide is. What is their name? What is their signature color? How may you connect with them directly?

If you have a name you may speak to them and seek their input. They may give you answers to your questions through messages in your daily life. If you know their adorned color you may connect with them by envisioning that color or wearing it or by carrying an item of that same hue.

You may seek them out during meditation. Ask to meet with them and visualize standing before them. Take in all the aspects of their appearance. These visual clues may teach you a lot about them. Hold their hands. Hug them. Run a bright white cord from your God center to theirs.

Do your best to stay grounded in these moments. Maintain this connection as long as possible. Absorb all of their love, guidance and wisdom. Even if you don’t remember their direction it is entirely possible that your subconscious will and your adherence to your divine path will improve.

You are a good person with good intentions. The truth about your life is something more valuable and goal-directed. We are not here to grasp at meaning. We have a direction and a higher purpose but we may not be in alignment with it. Doing your best may not provide enough expansion and experience. Return to your center and seek the direction and assistance of God and all of your divine guides. You are truly not alone and they have your chart in mind. Allow the system of guidance to work as intended. Life may be so much more seamless and successful if you play your part.

If you have difficulty connecting with your higher guide, seek the assistance of a psychic/medium for help. You may email me and I will do my best to give you important clues about your guide, their name, their hue and their messages for you. It is also possible to assist you with identifying items or clothing that you may hold or envision to aid you in connecting with them.

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