10 Things to Confront and Resolve

10 is the magic number. 10 goals for absolution will do just fine. 10 makes the most sense and 10 is manageable!

Set 10 goals for you to resolve and release. By focusing on these goals during your waking and sleeping hours, you will check them off your list more quickly.

Begin in childhood. Identify an age and an event or circumstances that were emotionally painful or significant. Identify this as your first goal to process and resolve. Then move forward in time to the next pivotal event or circumstances and identify this as your second goal to process and resolve. Continue up to matters in your current life.

Identifying 10 of these major times in your life from childhood up to the present will be cleansing and clarifying. The process of scanning your life for significant events or circumstances will help you to narrow your focus. It is much like a to-do list. Address each concern and move on to the next.

Please don’t rush through all 10 items. Focus and explore each one. Visualize yourself at that age and look around you to expand your perception of what occurred. How did it look and feel at your age? How did it look and feel to others involved? Did someone fail to protect you? Was anyone with authority aware of what had happened? Are you able to place this time in your life into better perspective?

Imagine yourself at that age. Now enter the situation as an the adult you are now. Approach the child/teenage/young adult you. Offer support and understanding. Provide love, nurturing and protection. Speak to the younger you and express your sadness at their situation. Hold the younger you if you like. Offer a hug. Sit in a rocking chair while embracing your younger self. Speak all of those things that no one offered you. Express understanding and acceptance. There is no judgment, of course. To judge this child would be a crucial mistake.

Spend as much time with younger you as you would like. Unconditional love is your gift to such a precious life. You did as you knew to do with your limited maturity and knowledge. Coping as a child/teen/young adult was vastly different than the coping you may do now.

Look outward. Where were the adults? Did they handle you well or imperfectly? As the now adult you, how would you respond to this same situation? Are you perfect now?

The goal of this list is to place events and life circumstances into perspective. Be your own best support. Handle the past with all of your current knowledge and experience. You know the feelings of the younger you. Who better to offer love, acceptance and nurturing now? Cherish the child. Protect the child. Say all the right things and make all the right moves. You deserve it.

Resolve this list of emotional events or life circumstances and seek to find forgiveness. This is a gift mostly for you. Forgiveness will relieve your darkness and negativity. This will truly be a fresh start. We are not perfect but at least we try. In time you may see the people in your life as trying to do their best as well.

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