While You Were Sleeping

What happened while you were sleeping will surprise even you. Spirit comes to you very frequently during your sleep for many reasons. There is so much to say and do. They want to approach you to share all of the many things that your life is really about.

There are many goals and objectives that you set but somehow are unable to follow through with. You may achieve more if you ask for help with these matters while you sleep. Your subconscious has everything to do with your resistance to change. By asking for help during sleep, spirit will more easily speak to your soul and higher self. Matters that you have been stonewalling may be weakened or removed.

Set some goals. Be action oriented and target one specific issue at a time. You may begin with the most challenging concern in your life or something much less intense. It is completely up to you.

Make sure to check progress. Ask spirit to give you an unmistakable sign to alert you to issues being resolved.

Decide for yourself how long to focus on one topic. Ask for relieved anxiety and tension. Look for signs of decreased sadness or depression. Note more freedom and flexibility. You may feel like an enormous weight has been lifted.

Make certain to ask for help with a specific concern. Give permission to your guides and angels to intervene on your behalf. Then, let go.

You’ll find that when guides, angels, loved ones and other Heavenly Hosts visit you during sleep, they appear in vivid detail. It feels very different from a dream and you sense that they are actually speaking to you. You’ve had these encounters before. You wake up and realize that the colors, detail and messages felt more real and relevent to your current life.

Why during sleep? Because your defenses are down. All of those walls that you have erected are more pliable, easy to bypass or missing. Your level of anxiety and fear are lowered. Your subconscious is more accessible and many of your unfounded “rules” and expectations are meaningless.

We want to encourage you to make a list of issues that you will be addressing. There is no other way to make certain that your emotional work is being done. Try your best to connect with your spirit guide. Journal. Be open to signs that your needs are being heard and progress is being made.

Most of all, relax! Allow the Universe to resolve some of your most resistive thoughts and fears. You do not need to take on any challenges on your own. Help is always here. We see no need for you to suffer any longer. Rise up and be healed. God will absolve all of your torment if you will allow it.

Healing is your Divine right. Ask and be saved.

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