The Tight Rope

Here we are…AGAIN. Stepping lightly and gently. Being vigilant assessing the breeze and the sway. Having to cling to that life-saving rope and grasp for air with our hands. We try not to look down. What is down there anyway? It must be dark and dismal, why else do we resist falling?

We must have heard the truth somewhere along the line. Someone clued us in and gave us some hope. We are all in this journey together so it makes sense that others that have gone before us KNOW the secret.

What we haven’t quite accepted yet is that the rope isn’t the journey, the leap of faith is.

We all have the blanket protection of God and the Universe. There is nothing vile, sticky and foul waiting for us. The freedom of FAITH is our destination.

God knows all. God sees all. God will provide. These are all true. We have no need for fear, control, desperation or greed. Do you sometimes feel like you have too many balls in the air. Your juggling is becoming too intense and unpleasant to enjoy life. You worry about this or fret about that. You keep notes and charts. You set a reminder on your phone. You have covered your calendar with endless post-its. All of this worry has sucked the joy out of life!

How much of this is out of your control? Then allow it to be out of your control!!! Let it go and trust God to bring you all that you need. Keep your deadlines and appointments but the senseless worry has to go.

Be reasonably prepared then allow God to provide. You worry about your parents, your children, your spouse, your in-laws, your co-workers… Trust God to keep them safe. Say a prayer for good health, safety and well-being, then have FAITH that they are being taken care of. So much of your daily anxiety is about things that you cannot influence or change. This must stop. BELIEVE in God and all of the Divine. Nothing truly happens without a purpose or intention.

Worry is the lack of faith in God.

Fear is the lack of faith in God.

Let go of the multitude of thoughts, fears and concerns that you busy your mind with. Relax, release and trust. That tight rope is your doing. You have manifested that tense balance between what is good and what is out of control. Your path is safe, secure and well-lit. It is dotted with guides, angels and loving spirit.

Your mind is powerful and creative. We wish for you to build bridges and roads, lakes and tree houses. Rooms full of Light, vibrant color and love. It is no longer necessary to walk that tight rope. There is no need for any fear, anxiety or ego. Manifest beautiful and wondrous things and release the need to control. It really isn’t possible to micromanage what God has set into motion. Your only charge is to find the learning, knowledge and experience that was intended.

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