Spring Planting

It is the best time to start planting your seedlings of the many different areas of your life that you would like to nurture and grow!

Begin anywhere. There is an abundance of possible life directions that you may focus on at this time. We will offer a few suggestions.

Love- Increase the amount and intensity of love in your life. Focus first upon yourself than radiate this stunning, intense love outward. Please don’t pick and choose who needs love because everyone does!

Charity- God loves all of His children. See a need and respond to it with a donation or volunteer time. Begin with children and their families first. Improve the future generations by investing in the lives and wellbeing of children.

Forgiveness- This is always a good idea. It is best to release any harm or upset feelings as soon as you have learned the lessons that were intended. If you hold onto things for longer than certainly make a point of letting it go.
Life is not between you and them. It is between you and God only.

Good health- improve your diet and activity level. Get plenty of rest. Nurture your human vessel to ensure optimal survival of all of the lessons that you have planned. Poor health is a unneccessary barrier.

Command over any illness- Treat any illness or chronic condition as a means for learning and teaching others by example. You did not chart this life to “give in” to any illnesses. Some medical conditions may occur but your love for life may be just as intense as always. Overcome any and all illnesses or injuries and don’t allow them to define you.

Faith- This is very important. Many of these goals may be met through faith alone. Trust in your life and all events. Learn, teach and then release all occurrences. God has chosen you to succeed in life and ascend to your higher self with grace.

Maturity- This is the most important single step to gaining knowledge, understanding and acceptance of your human life. Staying grounded and balanced will help but being mature enough to rise above ego, emotion and impulsivity is necessary. See through the human condition and find the grid work of God’s Plan and the knowledge therein. Emotion and ego needs cloud your progress.

Become One- Understand that you are part of God. You are a perfect, functioning part of the Divine. You came from God and after leaving this imperfect world you will return to Him as well. There are no boundaries between “us” and “them.” We are functioning in unison for each soul to expand and succeed from one incarnation to another. There is so much more to you than just this one life! Welcome home.

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