What You Believe About Yourself

Many of you have heard of manifesting your destiny and the Law of Attraction. We approach you today to tell you these premises are exactly true. Your mind creates reality simply by focus. You believe that you are successful, then in fact, you engineer success for yourself. You are happily employed and your are successful at your job and fulfill all expectations of your employers. You believe that you live in a beautiful home and you systematically take steps to improve the functionality and appearance of your home.

What we wish to speak about is your thoughts and feelings about you. Not so much the outward, conscious thinking but more about your subconscious beliefs. By feeling insecure or unworthy you bring about multiple events that display you as being insecure and worthless. This plays out ad infinitum until you change your conscious and subconscious thinking to believing in your confidence and value.

This is most obvious in how you feel about yourself in relation to how others treat you. If we lack confidence or stability we allow others to belittle, demean or disrespect us. Why? Because we don’t BELIEVE that we deserve better.

Many times we allow our own mistreatment as a child and up through adulthood. We suffer from difficult family, peer and romantic relationships. We may repeatedly profess that we want respect. We want appreciation. We want love. However, our internal emotions lack the strength to adhere to these wishes. We undermine our own desire for to be valued and desired.

How do we combat such subconscious weakness? By using positive affirmations. Begin the internal dialog expressing the belief that you are successful, respectable, prosperous and worthy of happiness. As with any other form of manifesting you must do this often and with great conviction. See, hear, and feel loved and appreciated. Repeatedly insist upon your ability to successfully navigate relationships, employment, education, health care, nutrition and exercise, finances, family obligations, and leisure activities. Visualize and grasp all of the success that you actually desire.

More importantly, stop the loop of self-deprecating remarks and put-downs that you direct toward yourself. Break that thought flow. Immediately shift toward positive and healthy affirmations.

Be persistent. This is definitely a habit that needs to be broken. Be as open and loving as God. There is no judgment for any of us, ever. We are valued and appreciated even at times that we don’t feel this way about ourselves.

Grow your confidence and prosperity from within. Start in your God Center and radiate golden light outward. Repeat loving and caring remarks about yourself. Make this a habit and resist the urge to belittle and demean yourself. No one deserves such treatment, including you.

Cultivate feelings of respect and self-worth and stand up to those who continue to treat you with disrespect. Choose a better life and limit other’s ability to mistreat you in any way. You don’t have to create a commotion, just create some
distance from those who would cause you to feel bad about yourself. Keep the peace but treat yourself with honor.

Habits take perseverance to break. Others will resist treating you differently as well. Be consistent and provide yourself with love, appreciation and forgiveness. Treating yourself with respect is one of the purposes of your life. Be God in human form and nurture who you are and expand your grace outward.

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