Grief, Sadness and Sorrow

Spring is a time of renewal. Not only is there new vegetative growth but there is also new Life Force growth. Many loved ones choose to leave this plane during the Spring months. This makes plenty of room and energy for new life/birth.

The downside is that we are faced with grief, sadness and sorrow for our loved ones who have moved on. This is compounded by the anniversaries of the deaths of other loved ones at this time from years past.

Managing grief is a difficult task for many individuals. For many reasons people resist completing the grief process for loved ones and then are faced with more recent losses of loved ones. If you have not completely grieved for each person then it is very likely that your grief will become overwhelmingly large and impossible to manage. Any loss after that may be enough to tip you into a deep depression. It may be a job loss or change, an illness, a co-worker leaving… Any loss may begin to loom over you.

The upside is that grief is that it is largely unnecessary. We all plan our transition both into and out of life. It is routine. We chart the time of entry so we may experience global and personal events at specific times. We also leave at a specific time because we have completed our charts and we have taught and learned everything we anticipated.

Then, our leaving is another series of lessons for our loved ones to navigate. We never leave anyone or anywhere. We merely change form.

Life is a continuum. We pass in and out of each incarnation to promote the variety of lessons that our soul needs to ascend to higher levels of existence. Those who deal well with grief may not be advanced far beyond us. They may have merely charted more lessons in grief and loss in the lifetimes that they have already completed. Or, they may actually be more advanced. No one is here to judge. We are all perfect at any level of awareness and expansion.

This is an emotional time for humans on Earth. Loss feels more personal and tragic. The layers of grief that you have gathered actually serve you no positive benefit. God wishes us to celebrate each life and offer praise and honor for one’s completion of their chart. The sadness that we feel is for us alone. We miss our loved ones. We experience loss of the roles that they play in our lives. We feel an emptiness but there truly is none. They are very much a part of every day life. Not much has changed except for the healing and joy that they now experience after death.

They may release all of their illness and injury. If they don’t that is a personal choice for them to make. We also may wish to continue to learn after death as well. Perhaps there are goals we haven’t attained or experiences that we missed or didn’t fully allow.

Often we may cope with substance and alcohol abuse, overeating, smoking, or any variety of habits that we did not resolve in life. This is ok as well. God only wishes us to expand our souls and continue to aspire to optimal health.

Faith will help you to release your looming feelings of grief. Your belief in God also allows for your belief in life everlasting. There is NO loss, ever. We step in and step back out per our own design. We contract with loved ones to share experiences in life and we also vow to experience their death as well. We are a spiritual family and we actually thirst for knowledge learned in life and death.

This is our expectation. We value our soul growth and we are excited to share this with those who are dear to us. Earth is only the playing field. Our true existence is in the layers and environs of the Other Side.

Go with God. Do not regret that your loved ones have returned to His Home. This is the optimal destination of a life well lived. We welcome tears of joy! Amen.

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