Make A Wish!

There is an upswing in cosmic energy. If you feel that there are endless amounts of things to do for fun or several creative endeavers to tackle, this is meant to be!

Relax and allow yourself to experience joy and excited energy. It may have been some time since you have felt this good. Make use of it.

Smile, relax and make plans for the weekend. Resist the urge to feel down. There is nothing more that you need to do that can’t wait a couple of days.

Start a fresh canvas. Pray, be grounded, centered and cleansed. Open to the Universe and celebrate all of the hard work you have done in the past few weeks.

Do you have any goals? Whatever it may be, now is the time to focus on making those plans. Make a wish and tell the Universe exactly what would bring you great joy right now!

Do you want a career change? Weight loss or increased exercise? A vacation? Be proactive and visualize yourself doing whatever it is that you want or need. Live the moment and imagine all of the sounds, textures and emotions that will accompany your wish.

Release any need to direct how you will gain your dream. Allow the Universe to bring it to you any way that will work.

Spirit is near and they want only your happiness. By truly being free and joyful you will undoubtedly bring fresh energy into your life. Manifest anything and everything.

This is definitely time to celebrate Spring and this new wave of energy. It’s your party! Do what you wish.

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