You Are Missing Your Baggage

Many of you have done some very difficult work in releasing your old baggage which no longer serves you. Now, you are missing having it around. Your mind is accustomed to cycling around back to the same issues and upset and you have noticed an absence of these familiar topics to dwell upon. Good!

Fill your thoughts with something new. Habit is an adept foe. These issues will linger just below your consciousness and slowly leak back into your conscious thinking if you don’t focus on positive, proactive topics. What would you rather be thinking about? Go ahead. Move forward.

Once the layers of debris and negativity are gone you may open your mind to God and spirit. It’s refreshing to be open to any new energy that the Universe is offering to you. Who knows where these new energies will take you?

Life may run smoothly for some time then what may happen is some old concerns will pop up. This will be another layer of injury and damage that you will need to acknowledge and release. You may have forgiven your sister for a, b, and c. You may yet have to forgive her for d, e and f. Healing happens in layers. This is normal.

Remember that you are above seeking vengeance. Your soul growth happens because you are able to release any and all energy that is detrimental to you. You have chosen forgiveness above any needs for acknowledgment or retribution. You are that strong.

Once you have released this next layer of debris, God will send you more love, Light and expansion. It is a cycle of good health and ascension! Even the most painful injuries will leave you once you have accepted your role in all events in your life intended for learning.

Right now this may seem unbelievable. How can you forgive your father for beating you and leaving you bruised? Can you forgive your mother for sending you to live with your grandparents? Why is it ok that your brother got all of your parents attention and then he blamed you for his destructive actions? Can you accept that your aunt kept all of the inheritance money from your grandparents estate? Yes! Because it was your plan. You asked for these experiences so you could learn and grow.

You are strong and resilient and your soul is basking in your ability to forgive and do better for yourself and those who rely upon you! Forgiveness is a life goal. Growth is expected. Maturity is celebrated. Remaining positive and in the Light IS success!

It may be difficult to accept right now. You may have some very severe damage done to you by others in your life. Take what time you need. Eventually those healing layers will reach those traumatic life events. It is expected. The opposite of forgiveness and healing may be anger, depression, anxiety and destructive thinking or behavior. Remember what we have taught you. Stay grounded, centered and connected to God. Regard these troubled times and let go!

Waste no time saying but they did this…they said that…they hurt me by doing…Your soul allows you to be healed and grow stronger because you let it go. YOU are capable of many great things. The task of forgiveness will give you insurmountable freedom. Tears will flow freely and you will immediately realize that you are a perfect child of God and you have journeyed very far in this life.

Release what no longer serves you. Honor where you have been and what you learned by being there. Acknowledge that all of your life experiences have culminated in who you are right now and YOU ARE PERFECT!

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