God Provides Motherly Love

Spirit is offering you a big dose of healthy “mother” energy. We have noted that many of you are feeling barren and worn and this type of nurturing will benefit you right now.

It has been difficult for many of you to realize how many barriers to good health that you have collected over the years. This has been discouraging. We are here to help you heal and to learn a better way to conduct your life. Laying bare your coping mechanisms is a start.

We honor you and appreciate all of your hard work. We only wish a higher existence for you and appreciate all of your focused attention on our guidance. We walk beside you. We never leave your side and we respond to your words of need regarding help and improvement. It may seem like your most intimate selves are laid bare but it is only Us who hears you and knows all that you have to confess. It is private, between us. There is no judgement, only love.

Today we only ask for you to honor yourself and allow God and Heaven to comfort and nurture you. Bask in the Glory of God and surround yourself in a pink wrap. This represents love. Make sure to cover all areas of your being. Breath deeply and and absorb the love that is being sent to you by everyone who loves you dearly.

Reimagine this cloak many times this day. Speak to us and we will share your hopes and dreams with you. From where we stand we see your success in clearing negative energy. You have also cleared the area behind your back. Some still have cords on the soles of your feet. Do not fret. We will help you in any manner that you wish.

Breathe deeply and gently. Feel the warmth and love surround you. This is an embrace from all of Creation to refresh your weary self.

Allow the energy to flow. Do not hold stagnant any energy. All of your chakras and other energy need to be fluid and bright. Allow it to flow. Imagine the energy flowing into your crown. You never need to exhaust yourself, God will provide.

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