Cut The Caboose Loose

In past posts we have mentioned how some people only focus on the front of their body during cleansing and energy work. We have suggested to cleanse and clear yourself top to bottom and through & through. What do you have hiding outside of your scope of vision? Any number of things.

Initiate a mild meditative state. Visualize your conscious self stepping forward of your subconscious self. Take a step or two and turn around. See yourself standing there and take a good look all around your physical body. What do you see?

There are many blocks and barriers there. Some fears, sorrow, hurt feelings, perceived failures, and old baggage. There are also unhealthy attachments to drugs, alcohol, self-destructive behavior, and abusive relationships with others. There may also be unresolved grief, anger, depression, manipulative behavior and unresolved childhood issues.

The most surprising thing would be spirits. There are healthy spirit guides, deceased loved ones, angels, animal guides, and possibly elementals. Then, there may be negative and unhealthy psychic attachments and ghosts.

The goal is to cleanse and clear all of the negative energy and keep your guides and loved ones. It may be easier at first to clear your entire space and only allow beings from the Light with only your best and highest intentions to re-enter.

Use Archangel Michael to cut all of the unwanted energy and debris. He carries a stunning golden sword and will use it to cut through any attachments. Maintain your clear space and refill it with bold, bright White Light. You may also want to surround yourself with outward facing mirrors to keep attachments and unhealthy etheric cords from reappearing.

You’ll be surprised by the lightness that you feel immediately! We unknowingly harbor negative energy, mostly out of habit. It isn’t necessary to hang on to anything that doesn’t serve our higher self.

Another secret spot for cords and attachments are the bottom of your feet! I bet many of you didn’t realize this. This area also needs to be cleansed and bathed in glorious White Light. The cords on the bottom of your feet may be attached to things that you don’t want to part with. You may think you want to sell your home but the cord on your sole means that you have no intention of letting your home go. Or, there may be an unhealthy abusive relationship there. You tell everyone you are ending this negative relationship but the cord again states that you are firmly attached to this unhealthy person.

Pray, be grounded and centered and allow all of the negative energy to be released from your entire being. Top to bottom, front to back, through & through. Especially behind your back and the soles of your feet.

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