Project Yourself Outward

We have touched upon this topic in the past. We would like you to expand your influence outward and bring more love and healing to the world.

You must begin with being grounded, centered, cleansed and clear. Flush all chakras and your entire physical body and fill back up with dreamy golden light. Your are a vessel of God. Healing and grace IS your life purpose.

Imagine the golden light coming from your God Center and beaming outward through every particle of your being. Do not feel spent. Imagine the light coming from God so you will never run dry. It is a circuit of intense golden light from God, through your God Center and out into the world.

Do not make conditions for which the energy will flow. There are no rules. You must allow the Light to flow and to touch and heal others without your interference. Sit quietly and ALLOW. As you send healing Light out you will also receive it as well.

Envision your Light flowing beyond any barrier. Send this beam in all directions. Be still and flood your entire consciousness. This action will cause you to ascend closer to God and all creation. Your being will expand and you will fill with truths and knowing.

You will heal. The bright and brilliant Light will flush your physical body and energize your own connection to creation.

“You are the vessel by which my healing energy will flow. I have no doubt that you are destined for greatness and my humble help will allow you to lead others to Me as well. You are my thoughts, my dreams and my connection to humanity. Through you I will touch each soul and bring My Light to your world.

Do not diminish your Light with greed, envy or sorrow. You do not do Me justice by damaging your existence. Follow in the Light. Lead others to Me and heal many hearts that My love has yet to touch. You are My aide. You do My work in your home and in your society as well.

Be the beacon of stunning Light and heal the world.

YOU are My God. Amen.”

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