God Center Divination

How to use your God Center to find meaning in life. It is much like using sonar. You send out an idea and you receive a positive/negative response.

Your God Center is located beneath your solar plexus. Imagine it as a spark of the Divine. In order to use this area for premonition, spend some time cleansing and clearing it. Then flush it with brilliant White Light. Infuse the area with brighter light until it is almost painful to look directly at it.

You will need to practice this over time. The goal is to place your fingers over the solar plexus and sense both physically and intuitively for positive and negative responses.

Start with simple answers. Place your fingers over your solar plexus and ask something that you know the answer to. A positive feels bouncy and upbeat. Almost like lofting a ball into the air. A negative response feels down, dull and with little reverberation.

Practice getting both positive and negative responses. An “I don’t know” will feel like neither. There may be no palpable response at all.

The trick with getting accurate results requires attention to detail. Be grounded, centered and open. Surround yourself in White Light and ask for protection against lower energies from your spirit guides and angels. Ask for responses for the best and highest good for yourself and others that you will ask questions about. These steps will make certain that you won’t get responses from earth-bound spirits or ghosts.

One thing that we don’t often think of is to unblock your ear chakras and flush them with amethyst-purple light. This will aid you to hear spirit.

Now, the hardest part is to remain objective! The moment you get excited or fearful or any emotion whatsoever, you’ll lose your objectivity and the responses you receive will no longer be accurate. Your ego voice may ramp up your emotions and spin wild tales or ghosts will be able to intervene because you have lost your protection by losing your focus. The downfall of this is that you may continue to believe that you have received accurate information and make plans or decisions based on untruths.

This technique is a lot like using a pendulum. With practice and objectivity, you may become pretty good at receiving accurate information.

It is always difficult to get information regarding yourself. This is one possible way to try to get those answers. It is important to remember that you may not receive any answers at all because you are intended to experience certain things in order to learn. Spirit will not allow you to skip some valuable lessons. That is not in their agreement when they contracted with us for this lifetime.

Stay positive. Resist the urge to elicit negative information about anyone. With lower intentions you will draw darker entities to you. This may be an upsetting experience. If you are seeking to be disruptive you may attract a lower entity that will attempt to remain with you and play with your emotions. This is called a psychic attachment. Always communicate with honor and stay infused with White Light. Keep good company whether in spirit or in life!

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