Incoming Advancements

There is a palpable lull in the activity in our world. There have been many powerful and unsettling events recently and it is nice to relax a bit.

There are monumental forces pushing energy toward positive outcomes like a bull dozer for good and positive results.

We are approaching some substantial breakthroughs in medicine. There will be a giant leap in research for some chronic, long-term illnesses like asthma, heart disease and treatment-resistant infections.

There will be a boost to cancer research by way of chromosomal identifiers and substances that will break the cycle of growth for cancer cells. It will take a few more years to make this interruption in growth available in treatment form.

Why now? We, on the Other Side, have specific openings during which we may pass on some important discoveries that we have made on your behalf. We are not allowed to forward them to you completely because you still have growth cycles that we must abide by. If we healed and cured everything there would be no need for you, as humans, to research and develop treatment on your own.

Your goal is to grow and develop according to plan. Skipping any steps will not provide the full experience that humans require to expand. It would be unfair of us to cut short your growth.

We also provide breakthroughs to different people around the globe. It is far more beneficial for you to coordinate your efforts in research and development because this helps to override barriers between cultures. Science need not have any boundaries. It does not matter where the pertinent information comes from. What is important is that you utilize all resources to help and heal all humankind.

We are nearing the end of an era. You will find a large amount of information regarding all areas of human life will erupt. This will be the mechanical boost that you need to arrive in 5D. It is likened to us building a ladder for you to access greater amounts of enlightenment. You will need the strength and energy to thrust into that higher realm. Lower energy forms will likely miss the boat. Which is good because that will broaden the gap between the Light and the dark.

To those of you who strive for growth and enlightenment, it will feel like you are aboard a speeding train. You will sense the power beneath you and the rush of energy past your face. You will not be able to slow your growth as long as you remain in the vortex. If you step outside of the funnel of God’s power your life will slow immensely; almost to a standstill. Resist the urge to slow your momentum and stay positive. Goals will set themselves and be acquired without effort. It will feel as though prosperity and good fortune are handed to you continuously.

Actions for your benefit will occur without your thought or intent. Everything you need will come to you. You’ll be surprised by all of the gifts which are tailor-made just for you. At first, you may not even realize how much you needed it, but then it will make perfect sense and you will offer gratitude. Wishes will be granted without even making the wish!

Remember that this energy is for your highest good. It may not be a new home, new car, your own successful business… It may be forgiveness, healing, gratitude, hard work, a new level of ascension… These gifts will be for your soul growth and may not seem like gifts at all, at first.

Keep to the Light. The dark will also experience an influx of energy as well. Stay to the familiar and resist fulfilling ego needs or selfish desires. The darkness would love to reach out and snatch you from grace. Invest in your personal protection. Surround yourself in White light. Stay grounded and centered. Flush all muddy colors from your being and make certain to fill yourself back up with vibrant, healthy colors.

This wave will be noticeable. You may even look at some lower beings and see the swell in their strength and might as well. People who are negative and disruptive will increase their abilities. They may cause accidents, crimes and physical harm to many more people. They will grasp for other’s money or belongings. They will manipulate people to perform their negative deeds. They may band together to cause chaos.

You may wonder at their power. Hopefully you will remember this post and realize what is happening. Keep your distance and protect yourself.

Only the Light will win out. The dark will spend their energy and deflate very soon. The Light Bearers will continue on. You will increase in numbers and strength. The glory of the next dimension will catch your breath. You will be safe and you will prosper. Aligning with God has never been more important.

Go with grace and we will see each other again. With all of our love.

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