Why Global Tragedies?

Why so much pain? The world needs to come together and celebrate the beauty of life and make much-needed changes to the way that we live. We are not all aware of people who are intent upon doing harm to others. We may be living simply or in some way choose not to accept this underlying current in our society.

A global event like this is intended to push you into awareness. You will feel compelled to take action and move forward. We all must see the need to make changes in the way we treat those of lower intent in order to protect the larger masses against such angst.

We must first take notice. This is meant to gain our attention and it did. Then we are to feel compassion and imagine each victim as ourselves or a person close to your heart. Then we must make changes to the norms of society.

We want our rights but we also want to be safe. We are able to do both under the grace of God. Each day we must make it a priority to pray for safety and protection for ourselves and our close loved ones. Use White Light and renew this intent throughout the day.

Faith will carry you very far. The closer you are to your higher self and to God the more relevant information you will get from spirit, angels and other beings of Light.

Remember the times during 9/11. There were many people who purposefully did not go to work or board the airplane. They had an underlying uneasy feeling. It was not readily described but that trepidation saved their lives. You may easily be among these select individuals.

Open to spirit and take information at face value. Do your best to avoid overreacting to perceived stimuli. If you are grounded, centered and balanced, then when you receive a premonition it would be far more accurate. If you are in a heightened state of awareness and experiencing anxiety, your perception of stimuli may not be genuine.

Remember that ghosts or earth-bound spirits love to cause chaos. If you are uneasy and susceptible to panic, these lower energies will run away with your imagination and cause unnecessary turmoil.

Call angels, spirit guides, God, Jesus, Saints or other deity, which resonates with your soul, to you and seek accurate information. If you err on the side of caution, that is manageable to you. If you cause widespread panic, that may be harder to come to terms with.

Remember that our charts are written. If we are intended to experience a global tragedy we may have no choice but to participate. Why would we want that experience? Many reasons but most have to do with soul growth and Karma.

Many beautiful souls have taught their loved ones some difficult lessons. Some people have perished in accidents due to texting. Others have been associated with drunk or impaired driving. There are also opportunities to learn from a loved one dying of lung cancer whether they smoked or not. The list of potential life lessons goes on and on. We are here to teach or to learn. Tragic events give us both.

Ground yourself in faith and live each day in accordance with God’s Will. By giving your fate to God you release your ego needs and desires and your path becomes so much more beautiful and meaningful. Play your part. Invest in the expansion of your soul and send love to all others affected by the Boston event. Remember Sandy Hook’s. Remember the subway pushers. Remember 9/11. Remember any number of tragic events and search for the lessons involved.

Be cautious, careful and yet open. Our paths are steeped in history and lessons learned. Be mindful of what has again happened and trust that you’ll ensure that we won’t have to learn this same lesson again.

Tragic events have a way of bringing people together. We all CARE for the victims and sufferers. We feel love for them and wish for the best possible recovery for their loved ones.

It is in these instances that we no longer see someone’s skin color or religion. We see someone’s child or sibling, a mom or dad, a best friend… We see them as human and not different from us. That is the irony of an event so tragic. We become aware of and care for people that we would have never otherwise known.

Feel the emotional pain because it is from this pain that we accept our connection to all other humans. We no longer see the differences but we instead see the loss of a loved one.

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