The Other Guy

How much time do you spend thinking about how someone else is leading their life? You wonder how they sail along and seem to have an endless amount of money for trips, beautiful homes and nice clothes. They get along very well with their spouses and children and have experienced vast amounts of joy and prosperity.

Does it matter? Is your life improved by comparing yourself to anyone else? Does this activity make you feel better or worse?

Please release your need to compete with others through jealousy. You are responsible for you. You decide how you relate to others, what you do to make money and how responsible you are spending it. Keep your focus on your home and your family. You may want a glimpse into another’s life but only be objective and learn from their actions.

Stay positive and in the Light. We truly never know what someones life is really like. There are barriers and challenges that we all deal with. No one escapes adversity. Jealousy is petty and beneath you. Release it. Catch yourself when that loop of comparison starts up in your mind. Break this habit.

You have the ultimate responsibility to manage your relationships, care for your family, earn a living, and make progress toward becoming your higher self. Criticizing another is not your life purpose.

Enrich your life. Live within your means. Value your relationships with everyone in your life. Learn through grace and empathy. You will find so much more joy without the stress of devaluing another.

We have spoken so much about releasing your trauma and negativity. Now it is time to call your attention to something that also degrades your true being. Don’t waste a precious moment of life scrutinizing others.

Fill yourself with love, Light and joy. Expand that positive energy outward. Bless your closest family and friends. Look upon others with a positive light and bless them along their path. Then, let go.

Live as Jesus lived. He held no contempt or judgment for anyone. He lived only to serve a higher purpose. This is your path as well. We are pure and purposeful. Remember being as untarnished as a newborn babe. Move forward in grace and allow others to live as they choose. You are not their keeper and your judgment is not welcome.

Look into God’s world and see only potential and opportunity. Your personal joy will increase ten-fold and you won’t waste another moment in darkness.

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