Be My Guest

We have come here today to honor you and invite you to “be my guest.” When we offer help and direction, please take what we offer and have no doubt that the information is intended to advance your soul.

Be our guest and have a happy life. Be our guest and have unlimited wealth and prosperity. Be our guest and lay all of your upset and injury aside.

We offer this gift to you. Allow your life to lose all semblance of darkness or injury. Allow Light and love. Resist the urge to punish yourself for past wrongs or mistakes. All is forgiven. Even if you unknowingly caused harm to yourself or someone else, there is still forgiveness.

You carry around too much baggage. You allow your past to overwhelm your ability to have a brilliant and successful future.

Imagine yourself holding onto bags and baggage full of illness, hurt feelings, damaged relationships, heartache, and loss? Then imagine putting down all of those packages. Stand up straight and notice the lightness in your being. You may almost bound with energy. You may feel years younger and 100% more healthy.

Now imagine walking away from all of that baggage. Don’t look back and don’t bring them with you. Imagine that you are walking out of a room and closing the door behind you. Acknowledge that all of your past troubles are no longer with you and it is ok to leave it behind in that room. Push the room further away from your being. Imagine a strong, thick wall of intense White Light filling up the space between you and that long-forgotten room.

The important thing to remember is to fill up your being with healthy, vibrant colors. The spaces where your troubles once were are left empty. Please do not allow them to fill with anything muddy or negative. Flush your entire being with positive energy and beautiful emotions.

It is very common for people to bring back all of the old baggage after time. You may do it without even realizing. Releasing unnecessary pain is a change in what feels “normal.” You may have become accustomed to back pain or a heavy weight on your shoulders and neck. The freedom of release is a change and we all resist change.

Get used to being lighthearted and flexible. Allow physical and emotional freedom to feel normal.

You may also use crystals to purge negativity and dispel darkness. Use some to hold a positive space and resist reconnecting with your lost luggage. Crystals are a beautiful way to assist you with any and all actions toward healing. Be our guest and learn more about how crystals help in all areas of life. There are books and classes available. Fill your quest for knowledge about something postive and healing.

Be our guest to pray for help with releasing all of your painful memories. We are here, at the ready, to help you with any task that will help you feel whole and valuable again. We take your success very personally.

Find your way back to God. You are not intended to hold such pain and emotional turmoil in this life. By keeping such abusive thoughts toward yourself or others, you are defiling the perfect vessel of God that you are. Think of the perfection of a newborn infant. They have done no wrong or caused anyone any hurt or upset. This is your natural state. There is no reason for you to feel any lingering weight from past thoughts or actions. You experineced it and learned from it. That is enough.

God wants only for you to accept your perfection and complete the journey that you are on. Be our guest to release all negativity and continue on in grace. We want only to serve you. Please allow us that chance.

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