“A” for Awesome!

Some of you have begun your efforts to purge yourself of hidden trauma. Many of you have noticed that it was much easier than expected! Some of your deepest secrets have actually been negated by all of the hard work you have been doing to cleanse and purify your being.

Others have exposed some hidden issues but have found it emotionally painful and difficult to process. The open wound is bringing back painful memories and causing you to retreat back into unknowingness.

Others have not yet made the attempt to uncover some underlying issues that are affecting your ego and emotional wellbeing.

This is all as it should be! We are pleased to have brought up the subject only to have you evaluate this issue and proceed accordingly. Some of you beloveds are ready for this intense work and others are not.

Be proactive. Know that your life will unfold and you will deal with problems, feelings or relationships as needed. You are not cowardly or impaired. You are strong and vital! You have all of the necessary tools to repair any damage to your being and emerge more mature and in better health.

Perhaps the next time someone brings up the need to clear away hidden trauma you will be ready to follow through!

For those who have made those steps we commend you for embarking upon a difficult journey. Exposing raw emotions is never easy. There are many qualities that help with this action.

1. Perspective is all about how you look at what had happened and how it affected you. What may have been traumatic 10 years ago may be more easily understood today. As a child your understanding of events likely made trauma more difficult to understand and accept. Looking at issues now will offer you a different approach and potential for learning.

2. Maturity is a wonderful tool for being objective. Revisit some events and look at it from many perspectives. Hurtful things involving a child or young adult may be handled poorly. Your parents or guardian may have made many mistakes in how they related to you or others who may have potentially harmed you. Now that you have more maturity, look at the situation again. Understand that the adults in your life were not perfect and they neglected to properly supervise you and keep you safe. If they were aware of traumatic events they may also have made missteps in handling the situation. People are fallible. There may have been concerns that you weren’t aware of yet. They may have allowed some things because they felt unprepared to deal with it. Or, they made a mistake.

3. Objectivity about your skills to raise and care for someone else also may come into play. You also are not perfect. It may happen that you also miss some “obvious” signs. You may be focused elsewhere and have not properly divided your attention as well. If you had become aware of concerns with those you care for, how well would you address them? Would you take all the facts into consideration and make perfect choices for all of those involved? God Bless you if you can. This is truly a beautiful set of skills that you have. Most of us fall short of such comprehensive interpersonal abilities. Despite good intentions many of us may only be able to “make do.”

4. Forgiveness is a strong tool to keep in your skill set. Many may have hurt your feelings or have made bad decisions that affected your life but we are still strong enough to continue on. We came into this life with all of these people in tow. We had a contract written up and we agreed to fulfill our role. Free will does come into play at different times but for the most part the events of your life are charted. You asked for the experience and you intended to learn from adversity. Believing in something larger than yourself goes a long way toward finding forgiveness.

5. God is your guide and savior. We came into life as a perfect being with the intentions of expanding our soul. Much is learned from the difficult times. We chart each life carefully to meet specific objectives. We choose areas of learning in order to become closer to our higher self. This is a Divine Plan and we engage in it with grace, trust and faith. Work closely with your guides. Raising your vibration will facilitate your perception of your true self and the workings of God’s Plan. If you remain in darkness at a lower vibration, each event in life will naturally feel painful and unfair.

God never intends to damage your soul. Any and all experiences in life are designed to give you many opportunities to learn and to grow. You are here because you believe in God. You have the potential to understand and accept this premise. Each lifetime is a series of events designed to advance your soul.

The Other Side has many levels of existence. The more advanced souls reside in the higher levels. Your journey in this life is designed to assist you with ascension. There is a purpose to every event in your life. We know this becasue we trust in God. Have faith that all of your emotional pain and struggle is a sign that you are hard at work perfecting your soul.

Congratulations on your efforts to release your hidden trauma. “A” is for awesome!

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