“WE” Are Here

The next step to your advancement is to find people of like-mind. This is important for your spiritual growth. Often people feel alone and isolated from others in their family or community. You may have been raised in an organized religion but have since had questions or concerns about what you have been taught. For some reason you feel unable to question or challenge the incumbant spiritual leader so you suffer in silence.

Many of your new beliefs are considered dark or perhaps evil by the existing religious hierarchy so you may feel you have nowhere to turn. Speaking out about your unpopular religious beliefs makes you feel like an outcast. In some more difficult situations, you may be chastised or even banished from the family/social system that you grew up in.

At this point, you have found this site and have been welcomed by a vast amount of people with flexible belief systems and receptivity to new thinking. Feel free to explore many topics on WordPress. As you search, be mindful of finding people who mirror your beliefs and either subscribe to their blog or contact them through email.

This entire process is about experiencing and learning. Even though you may feel on the cutting edge now, it is possible to further evolve and expand in time. You must have the freedom to undergo this growth. Support not only feels good but it also encourages mindful experimenting. Push the limits about what you know and how you feel. Find topics which resonate with you.

In a year you may have shifted your thinking and have adapted to a different perspective altogether. There are many avenues to pursue. You may be on your path, near your path or completely off of your path but it is this process of testing spiritual information that will lead you to fulfilment. Try things on and keep them or let them go.

Spirit is happy that you are here. You may have started this experience on WordPress with a different focus and somehow ended up here. Or, you may have been seeking spiritual knowledge right from the start.

“We” are a collection of entities that have chosen to work together at this time. There are 4 of us and we have many varied experiences to share with you. You are here with us at this time and that is good. If at any point you feel we are not speaking to your soul, it is ok to leave. There is never just one way to enlightenment.

We have spoken to your guides and We decide what topics would benefit the most people here. If at any time you have questions, feel free to email the presenter. She may provide further information to you individually. It is good to have a personal stake in your enlightenment. This course is self-directed and that is how it should be. No one is allowed to force their thoughts or feelings upon you. You must navigate your own spiritual journey.

In order to assist you optimally, we have sent earth guides to you. You will find that they help to mold and improve your perspective on life. This is someone you would easily refer to as a role model or mentor. It takes many experiences and opportunities for you to develop into a highly evolved, spiritual being. It takes many years for you to become your higher self and many will not achieve this level in this lifetime.

This is not a mistake. It may take many lifetimes for you to find your way to a faith-based life. Then, it may take many more to achieve spiritual success. As humans you want everything right now! This is not the case with your life chart and potential life purpose. There are many opportunities to achieve growth and expansion. The same learning cycle may repeat over and over until you arrive at the desired outcome. This is also ok.

God has an endless amount of patience and understanding. Forgiveness is immediate. Support is automatic. Maturity is the greatest single factor in ascension. It is far easier to learn when you have lost your urges to panic, become overwhelmed or feel judged.

“We” are here. We exist only to serve you in your journey toward a higher existence. Accpet our teachings and ask many questions. Recognize the presence of earth guides and use them for their knowledge and experience. Always remember that God accepts you at any level of your existence. Love is your birthright. No one judges you and your success is celebrated by many others. We walk beside you and welcome you here. This is where you belong, for now and We will do our best to teach you all that We know.

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