Spring To A Higher Vibration!

There is much to do. It is Spring and we are busy as bees!

Surround yourself with positive emotions and a healthy environment. You may want to plant a flower garden or maybe some vegetables. If you have limited space you may grow things indoors and keep them healthy all year-long.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Find the local farmers market and buy fresh every week. Your spiritual ability will soar with a healthy body! Fewer fats and cholesterol will increase your vitality.

Imagine eating “LIGHTER!” Yes, that is easy to remember isn’t it? Light!

Cleanse and clear your body of heavier, fat laden foods. Flush your system once a week and fill it back up with fruits, grains and vegetables. You need fats to be healthy and for mental clarity. Don’t remove all fats from your diet but switch to healthier ones. The same must be done with carbohydrates.

There is a multitude of healthy eating information available to you. Choose changes that can maintain and allow for your personal preferences. You will feel the increase in energy and your ability to be receptive to spirit.

It is also a good time to begin an exercise routine. Please make certain that you are healthy enough for exercise and see your doctor if necessary. Choose something that you will adhere to and do 3 to 4 times per week. Walking is good and may be all that you need.

Good health will bring you closer to the Divine. Your body will feel more energy and your mind will attain more clarity. Limit any use of alcohol or medications that are not prescribed for you.

Be sure to ground, center, meditate and pray.

Spring is a good time to start a new approach to healthy eating and regular exercise. You will recognize the benefits of making positive changes immediately! You will feel more energy and balance. As your health improves so will your connection to God and spirit.

Stay positive. Surround yourself with new growth and use your new-found energy to raise your vibration. Eat light to be Light! Exercise to increase your metabolism.

Compare your feelings of wellbeing between eating heavy, fatty foods and lighter fruits, vegetable and grains. Some of your feelings of melancholy may be diet-related. Enjoy the boost of vitality that comes with a healthy lifestyle. Enrich your connection to God and spirit as you raise your vibration. All good things will flow to you. Others will notice your improved health and vitality.

Once you have raised your vibration, your path will be much easier to follow. There will be less darkness and debris to cloud your way. Spirit will be closer and more easily perceived.

It is very important to ground yourself when you are raising your vibration. If you don’t remain grounded you may feel floaty and tipsy. This is not recommended. Soul growth will not occur in this manner.

If you would like to see what having a higher vibration feels like then try this visualization. View yourself as you are now; sitting in front of your computer. Then imagine yourself on top of the roof. Release any attachments that may be trying to weigh you down. Now see yourself above the trees. Allow yourself to feel lighter. Now you are above the clouds. You are free-floating and carefree! Now imagine yourself on the Other Side. You are standing with your guides and departed loved ones. Your connection to God and spirit is strong. You easily receive information from spirit. You absorb love and blessings from around you. This is bliss!

Have you noticed how different you feel at this higher vibration? There are no negative energies to weigh you down or cloud your path. This is your goal. This is how you want to feel and how you will achieve the most soul growth. By making positive changes to your diet and physical activity, you will reach this state more easily!

This is progress that you can feel. Truths are more obvious and success occurs more readily at a higher vibration. Allow us to bring you ever closer to God. This is as it should be. There is no substitute for good health and wellbeing. Allow your own healing and be at peace. It is good to come home.

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