Love is at the center of the universe. God brought love to all inhabitants of this earth plane and expects us to offer love to all others. You need not have a personal relationship with someone to offer love. It may be a co-worker or complete stranger but sending love does not mean you have to become close friends.

We wish for you to walk through each day holding love in your heart and total being. Infuse yourself with love and go about your business. As you come across people and places that appear to be in need of love, send it to them. Nothing needs to be said or done except for that.

Many of you fear stepping outside of your comfort zone. You are conditioned to keep to yourself and to avoid any contact with people you don’t know or do not completely trust. That is ok. Send love and keep to the rest of your routine.

God does not require a committment to another if you have sent them some blessings. It is ok to spread positive and hopeful feelings without disturbing your own sense of security. This is exactly how we wish for you to begin. If we immediately said, “go and start a prayer circle,” that would overwhelm you and you would likely avoid any further direction.

Remember that we are starting at the beginning. Heal yourself first and share love with the world.

There many ways to send love and healing to another. We will offer some suggestions.

1. Surround the person in White Light. It is also possible to fill a room with White Light as well. If you sense that someone or some group of people are surrounded by negativity, give them Light whenever you drive by their home or when you walk by their office. Or, fill the bus you are riding with White Light. No fuss, no muss! Anytime and anywhere.

2. Send them angels. Again, fill their office, car, home, business, gym, store… with LOVE! Angels are a great way to give someone hope and some emotional relief. The more you know about the person or situation you may send angels with a specific intent. If someone just lost a loved one, send them angels of comfort. If they are ill, send them angels of healing.
It is ok to be general or specific. Sending them angels is a positive act, always.

3. Visualize improved and more positive healing colors in their being. White is always good. So are blue, green, gold and pink. In your imagination visualize them in color. Flush all of the red, brown or black out. You may even want them to sit under a waterfall of crystal clear water. When all of the lower energies are gone, fill them with healthy, vibrant colors. Quick and simple. Repeat this imagery as often as you wish.

4. Another visualization technique is to imagine them smiling, healthy, well … Surround them with money, flowers, plants, loved ones, angels, God, Jesus, Saints… Imagine their wallet bursting with cash! Give them whatever comfort and contentment you wish them to have.

5. Pray for them. Whether you know them or they are a complete stranger, ask God to help, heal and protect them. Ask that their problems resolve and they find love in all areas of their lives. You may also ask for them to find maturity and emotional strength. This will help them along their path.

We want emotional stability for you. We wish for you to resolve any issues that are blocking your spiritual growth. Once you are healthy, we will guide you to help others. Then, we will focus on larger problems and global concerns. Then, we will encourage you to speak out for health, healing and faith. Eventually, you will be a spiritual leader and we will bring hope to more people. You ARE a Light Bearer! That is why you have come to this place, at this time. All of your questions may be answered by accepting this one TRUTH!

KNOW who you are and be secure in your ability. God wants you to work in His name. Find that place within you of strength and faith. It is good to come home. Amen.

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