More Concerns to Conquer

There is a swirl of activity around us. We are being impacted by good energy and some darker energy as well. The increased flow of energy that accompanied this Time of Christ may also be used by the darker side for their benefit as well. Be cautious. You may have noticed some increased spirit activity but please don’t assume that it is positive and for your best interest.

It is best to surround yourself in White Light and give your spirit guides and angels permission to protect you from anything that is dark or earthbound.

Much more needs to be done. There are many problems that may plague your home life. Many of these must be dealt with so you have strength to be a beacon of good and positive energy.

Most importantly are any substance abuse issues. This applies to you, your spouse, your parents, your children, and any close loved ones. Do not negate the importance of this issue. Any and all affected loved ones must gain sobriety and recovery. Counseling and group participation are strongly suggested.

Have you known someone who stopped drinking alcohol but did not get further help to address their other related issues. They did not find the Light. They were sober but did not know joy and were unable to effectively deal with stress. They behaved much the same as they did while drinking. There was an abundance of anger and a lack of coping skills. They were easily overwhelmed and began to push people out of their lives because social stress was too much for them.

The abuser of substances AND their loved ones need treatment. This is a time when prayer is good but it is not enough. We have acknowledged that Western Medicine is helpful for the treatment of many illnesses. This also includes the counseling and group participation needed to treat a recovering substance abuser and their loved ones.

Faith alone will not help you navigate the multitude of emotions that you have not coped with in many years. Newly sober people are not equipped to find their way without numbing their feelings and buffering the impact of outside forces. They are starting over and need to be coached how to find peace and contentment.

The loved ones of someone who is newly sober knows how trying this time is. There are a spiral of emotions and feelings that seem to flow without control. Everyone needs help. The substance abuser and their spouse, parents and children. This is a family dynamic that may not resolve without outside intervention.

The next few concerns that need to be addressed are income, stress, conflict and being valued.

Income is important because we all need to be independent and self-sustaining. We have many lessons in maturity that will not happen unless we seek and maintain gainful employment. This is one of the important footholds of a healthy and faithful life. If you are elderly, disabled or otherwise unable to work, then make your contribution by other means. Being busy and creative adds to the positive energy of the world.

Stress is a major hold back when one is seeking enlightenment. If you lack faith and allow stress to overwhelm you, many milestones will not be reached. There are so many levels of ascension that you will not see if you allow low and meaningless issues stop your progress.

Conflict is a hallmark of your lower self. There is a vast difference between how an enlightened person deals with conflict and a person with less maturity. Anger, aggression and violence are not in God’s Plan. There is no “good” reason to be engaged in conflict. Behaving as your higher self you would resist any anger and seek understanding and peace. If there is no resolution without anger than you would walk away and bless them along their path.

Believing in your value is also very important for your ascension. We are eternal. We came into this life to grow and to learn. We are always a work in progress. Love yourself. Understand your human frailty and seek expansion. Your partnership with God is eternal and we have so much more to experience in this life and many others.

Begin here. Face these challenges and seek help from our guides and other higher energies. There is no skipping forward. If you have issues with abusing substances, this needs to be resolved. If you lack an income, or are overwhelmed with stress, or engage in conflict, then this where you begin. We are here to help. Our goals are yours as well. Let us walk together and navigate some unresolved concerns. Most importantly, love yourself and want better.

Walk as God would walk. Talk as God would talk. Find your higher self on this journey and accept the peace that comes with complete faith. We want this for you. Amen.

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