The Time to Begin

Making changes is coming to you much more easily. There is a noticeable calm around you. Many have taken the energy of Easter and enfolded more grace into your lives. This is at a time when changes will flow toward you and benefits will be recognized by all.

The power of the Crucifixion has impacted us. It was a time of great wonder and solemn sorrow. One may only imagine the true accounts of this time in history.

Many on earth want to immerse themselves in that energy. Some may seek an astral viewing of the plight of Jesus. Others are content to accept the gifts that have come from this sacrifice and they do not wish to intimately “know” of his persecution. Many others fall somewhere in between these two poles. However you wish to approach this event is completely up to your personal preference. No one is judged by their desired perspective.

Now that we have come to this period of enlightenment it is time to make specific changes in your lives. The most important of which is prayer. God wants to have communication with each of you on a consistent basis. Daily prayer would be optimal but this choice is yours.

The topics to be covered are all-inclusive. God wants to know the good and the bad. Are you happy? Are you well? Do you have faith or is it waning? What do you need and what do you want? Who do want to be healed? Who do want to be blessed? God wants to know your heart and your soul.

The second task is to give thanks. Be appreciative of all things that are good in life. Be aware of the lessons learned and also what may have been learned during upset/dark/down times. Be prepared to give thanks for all that you have. Even if things are not-so-perfect it is still a good time to give thanks.

The third task is to enrich your faith. Read, study and share beliefs about God and all other Heavenly Hosts. By practicing your faith in silence you are not reaping the benefit of a variety of beliefs and understanding. We all have something to offer another in faith. We may know far more about one topic or far less about another. It is by sharing our faith that we all gain perspective depth and enrichment.

The fourth task is to say grace. This is not something to do just at meals. You may say grace at all times. Acknowledge what you have, what you are thankful for and what you wish for others. As with any prayer, it is more potent when done in the company of others. Say grace when you wake and thank God for another day. Say grace throughout the day. Be thankful for your home, family, job, friends, good weather, good food, healing… Being thankful will help you gain ascension. You will not become your higher self if you don’t offer thanks and appreciation.

The fifth task is to LOVE. Feel, share and allow love. Love yourself, love God and love all others. Share this gift with all of the contents of your life. Whether it is a living being or your precious possessions, offer love.

It is time to begin your path to ascension. This is a good start. If you need to place reminders for yourself throughout your day, then do so. Your whole life is a blend of experiences, both good and bad. It is what you do about those experiences that determines your spiritual and soul growth.

Each of us may be met with the same set of circumstances in our lives. One will choose to be sad and selfish. “Poor me. What a terrible thing to have happen.” Another will choose anger. “What happened and why?! Someone must be out to get me and I have to be defensive. Someone needs to pay!” Another may shut down and resist dealing with anything.

A better approach would be to allow upset but then review what has happened. Maybe it wasn’t so bad and perhaps you may still be able to overcome it. “Let’s see if things will get better. All may not be lost.”

Then, the best approach is to accept the circumstances. Pray for the best outcome and survey the many lessons that there are to be learned. Learn from what had happened and do your best to keep it from happening again.

Where do you fit into these 3 approaches? How would your perspective improve by making some changes? Is it possible to have more faith and a better perspective? Absolutely!

This is just the beginning. We are here to help and we will offer as many options for expansion that we feel you will benefit from. Go with love. Go with God. Give thanks and allow your soul to prosper. Amen.

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