Many of you have begun to make that all-important trek of ascension. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are always missteps and lapses in judgment. It is ok since your overall progression is forward.

Release any residual feelings of having wasted time or moments of your life. It is a good thing to start now. God knows forgiveness most of all and as long as you are not intentionally harming anyone, all is well.

Do you have lingering hang-ups blocking forgiveness? Do you still judge based upon someone’s appearance or speech? Have you resisted volunteering or being charitable?

All is well. It is good to take small steps and stick with it instead of broad sweeping changes and being unable to sustain them.

Many good deeds may be done just by positive thoughts, prayer and resisting your need to judge. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Be kind and generous in your thinking about others that you come into contact with in your everyday life. This is an excellent start.

It may be more likely that you will take that next charitable step after that. We are on one team. We all evolve in a supportive and empowering environment. Negativity and suffering diminish if you share your Light and God’s Light as well.

Make ample time for prayer. As you go about your day look for people to say a quick prayer for. Wish for them whatever benefits you would like them to have. Whether it be healing, hope, a good night’s sleep… Be thoughtful and conscientious. Behaving in this manner is successful in the eyes of God.

Give more, worry less. Smile more, show less anger. Praise more, judge less. These tenets of life are so much more simple than most people make them to be. Behaving as Christ did will not run you into ruin. Promise.

If it seems like spirit is guiding you to think and behave more positively, it is true. This is a habit that spirit would like you to make now and greater deeds will be built upon it. The past few days we have encouraged selflessness and charity. We have asked you to know and align with the life of Christ. We have shown you many avenues for Light to come in and to go out of your life. Simple, yet profound.

If we overwhelm you with tasks and plans you may not be able to make the needed changes. Let us begin at home. Let us find God and send love to all others. Allow us to build our own house of God and then assist others to do this as well. Do not be impeded by someone’s appearance or speech. Send love and pray for their wellbeing.

Simple, yet direct. We will build you that Stairway to Heaven if you allow us to. There is nothing in life as important and meaningful as the enlightenment of your soul. We are here to “guide” and we want complete attunment for you.

Go with the Grace of God. Go with our support. Know that we walk beside you at all times. Say Grace as many times as your heart feels compelled to do. Walk in the footfalls of Christ, without fear. It is ok to “know” your thoughts and beliefs. We have NOT asked you to loudly profess your faith. All is well.

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