Stairway to Heaven 3/26

As we bask in this luminous energy we must not forget to state our needs. We are gaining great practice releasing our barriers but now we must make a conscious effort to build our lives into the global creation that we desire!

Start close to home. Make goals that involve your own personal needs and desires. Expand your wishes outward to include your family, spouse and close loved ones. Then expand even further outward. These goals are intended to intertwine with each other. You and your loved ones are not energetically separate from each other. Our lives co-mingle and so do our aspirations.

It is these desires that form the building blocks for your stairway to heaven. What better time to set your intentions than the Time of Christ? He was human and knows of our struggles. He has felt ego, fear, and negativity. He made his life out of His predestined plan AND the experiences that he encountered. This is our lives as well.

We have a parallel life to live. We may KNOW God as He knew God. We may KNOW love as well. We are capable of all the many miracles that He was able to bring to this plane. BELIEVE it and ACCEPT it. Relax and make your desires be heard.

Choose healing and success for yourself. Then expand this desire outward. Then focus upon your next desire and expand. Make certain to include the unknown people in the world who need so much more than you do. Send out a desire for food, clean water, health care, housing… Do as Jesus has done. He spent many years serving others. He taught and He healed. He did not rest once His needs were met. Instead, He understood how important it was for all people to have the basic needs of their life. Then, He understood that others needed to have faith and knowledge of God.

We have the blueprint of how our lives may mirror His. It is entirely possible to take what we need then give so much more to the nameless people who have little. Giving of Himself did not cause his death. We may also give of ourselves and not suffer because of it.

Take good care of yourself. Make certain that your family and dear friends want for nothing. Then, expand your charity outward. Your life and heart will swell. Your satisfaction with life will burst to overflowing! There is no harm in helping others. Send love and healing all around the world.

This is the Time of Christ. Know by his experience that humans are capable of many good deeds. It matters not if they believe in God. It also matters not whether they speak your language or appear as you do. God never once turned anyone away for any reason and we too are capable of such grace!

Build the blocks of home and hearth. Then, care for close friends and family. Share your good will with co-workers and community members. Offer help and guidance to those who God brings to you for healing. Expand your good intentions to our country and our world.

There truly aren’t any coincidences. The people you meet are brought to you for a shared experience. Your strength may influence an untold amount of others. Do not doubt your power. Share as God has shared and heal as Jesus has healed. Build your stairway to heaven by one good deed after another.

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